From Burnout to Balance

– a personal and practical talk on the drivers behind burnout and how to build sustainable humans and organizations.

The​ Challenge

Workplace stress and burnout are widespread and growing problems. Recent studies show that:
  • 45-66% of EU citizens feel on the verge of burnout.

  • Burnout is widespread in 30% of UK organizations.

  • A staggering 322bn USD is lost globally in terms of turnover and lost productivity due to employee burnout.

Despite the size of the problem, the drivers behind burnout are often misunderstood. The remedy tends to be after-the-fact, centering around treatment instead of prevention, and with a heavy burden on the individual, not the entire organization.

To address this silent pandemic, mental wellness needs to become a strategic focus, and one that is executed through measures that affect the very heart of an organization: its culture.

Why should you care?

The opportunity

I am passionate about supporting organizations through change towards sustainability. And change begins with knowledge. During an engaging, fact-filled, and optimistic presentation, you will learn: 

Through real-life case studies and a personal approach – often with a bit of humor on the top – I make this seemingly dark topic easily digestible. You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding and some tools and perspectives that will help you start building wellness in your life and organization. 

Want to know​ more?

Every organization is different, and I’m happy to tailor my presentation to the needs of yours. To learn more or to book, send me a message or book a free sustainability call.

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