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Authentic leadership

A culture of wellness is centered around trust. And trust requires authenticity.

When leaders show up as themselves, they are telling others that it’s OK for them to do the same.

Transparency, honesty, vulnerability are the antidote to perfectionism, which is one of the key individual drivers behind burnout.

Through 1:1 and/or group coaching, I support leaders in humanizing their leadership so that they can create open conversations, deeper connections, transparent work conditions, and a thriving work environment where members can be and do their best.  

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Effective self-leadership

Culture and leadership are important influences on the health of the individual. But ultimately, we as individuals are solely responsible for the choices that we make.

Effective self-leadership is an essential skill to create a sustainable life, in and outside of work.

Replacing unhealthy work practices, habits, and mindset patterns with sustainable alternatives boosts individual wellness as well as workplace productivity.

And as burnout spills over from the individual to the family, the workplace and society at large, effective self-management is a win-win for all. 

Through group workshops and/or 1:1 coaching, I teach and support your employees the drivers behind burnout, what makes for a sustainable lifestyle, the top tips for staying productive and healthy, and how to manage the change towards sustainability.

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