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We hired Sanna to support us with a larger change initiative within marketing. We needed to reach a larger and more diversified target audience, formulate our messages, and find a work-flow that would function for us internally. The challenge lied in our history and structure: a social business that had grown organically during many years and, with time, had become multifaceted with many rather independent parts. Starting with our strengths and goals, Sanna helped us identify new target groups and shape main themes and messages for social media. She supported us in identifying an ambition that would work for us on a practical level. The work also came to focus on our internal organization, where Sanna helped us identify new work-flows and areas of responsibility for the coming marketing efforts. Sanna’s input contributed to increased clarity with the board. She led us through workshops and coaching sessions with great empathy and responsiveness. Her knowledge within marketing and change management was apparent. Sanna was both strategic and structured, with a large human focus. The transformation that she contributed to was highly positive: what had felt like a challenge in terms of knowledge and practicalities became an exciting opportunity! I warmly recommend Sanna as a change consultant and leadership mentor for organizations that are faced with change and need strategic support to come out on the other side.

Mats-Ola Olsson

Founder, The Norrbyvälle Gård Foundation, Sweden

Sanna was a crucial support during a critical point of transformation in our organization. We knew the impact that we wanted to make but lacked clarity in how to make it happen and seeked out Sanna’s unique help in growing our business in a sustainable way. Sanna helped us untangle our different views, set clear and inspiring goals, and an actionable path forward. She helped us see the big picture and continue to build on our existing offers, advising us on everything from target audience and packaging to pricing and marketing. Throughout our work together, Sanna was an empathetic listener who asked just the right questions to help us drink from our own well and take the necessary next steps forward. Her caring and strategic input and knowledge on business development and transformation was invaluable during the process – it even helped us secure funding for our continued growth! With Sanna’s support, we went from feeling completely depleted, fuzzy and on the brink of burnout, to having clarity, inspiration and newfound motivation. Sanna helped us grow in a way that was sustainable (and fun!), not just for clients but also for ourselves. We would undoubtedly recommend her services to any organization that is seeking deep and long-lasting change and wants to boost morale, results and sustainability.

Sari González

Co-founder, Radical Learning

Sanna’s profound expertise in the areas of work-life balance practices was immediately evident. She executed a dynamic workshop within our community of entrepreneurs, engaging our members effortlessly with her inclusive and relatable style. This was particularly crucial for the entrepreneurs in our network, many of whom face challenges in maintaining healthy work habits. I wholeheartedly endorse Sanna as a facilitator that offers professionalism and valuable insights for sustainable well-being.

Gabriela A. Rodriguez

Impact Hub Stockholm

To watch Sanna deliver a workshop is a true learning experience – not only for the knowledge she is able to impart but also for the way she is able to do it: by being both a great speaker as well as a listener/ “reader” of her audience. In her individual coaching sessions, Sanna has advised our entrepreneurs and helped shape a tailored plan to overcome specific challenges and foster growth.

Petya Thorne

Impact Invest, Sweden

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