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Writing about sustainability is a way for me to share information about a topic that I am deeply passionate about, and help organizations and individuals achieve a positive change.

You’ll find insights and perspectives on sustainability: what it is and how you can achieve it. As sustainability is crucial, both for individuals and organizations, this blog is for leaders, founders and co-workers alike.

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Does meaning matter?

Does meaning matter?

I have an allergy. Whenever I hear leaders talk about the values of their organization, and then observe them act in ways that are in direct opposite to those values, I start to feel an itch. That discrepancy between words and actions is a demotivating force that not...

Can you afford to ignore employee mental wellness?

Can you afford to ignore employee mental wellness?

In the chase of an ever growing bottom-line, organizational leadership tends to place too little attention to employee wellness. Here are some numbers to wake you up: Did you know that 62% of employees feel lonely in the workplace? That 46% are likely to leave their...


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