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Health on all levels

The results of an organization are intimately connected to the well-being of its employees. And how we feel at work is deeply affected by the culture of the organization. Do we feel safe, seen, empowered and in control? Do we have what we need to carry out our responsibilities? Is it safe for us to show up as our whole, authentic selves? Is there fairness, transparency and accountability?

The answers to these and other important questions will often remain hidden – and without knowledge, there’s little we can do to improve.

I help you build a culture of well-being that is aligned with your overall organizational goals. Moving from stress towards balance, I equip you with the knowledge and the tools to build health on all levels – from people to results.

I provide tailored solutions that respect the uniqueness and specific needs of your organization. Read more about how I can support you below, and book your free sustainability call to find out more.

Building awareness (Measuring)

Despite its importance for the success of an organization, employee well-being tends to be overlooked. It can be something that we work on “when we have time”. It’s often project-based in nature, with a clear start and end date. And ownership tends to lie with those operationally involved.

Doing something can be better than doing nothing – but to make sure that the employees in your organization can do, feel and be their best, you first need to know what your current situation looks like. Sometimes, there can be a gap between what leadership thinks and what employees feel. Other times, there are norms that stand in the way for a positive change.  

I help you map out your current well-being culture by measuring the key stress indicators in your organization. You’ll get a clear view of your current climate and your areas of development potential. The results will give you a foundation on which you can make strategic efforts that are aligned, both with the needs of your employees and with the overall business goals of your organization. 

Use this as a one-off service, or as the foundation to your sustainability work together with me.  

Identifying your desired state

Unless we know where we want to go, we can work ourselves to the bone and still end up in a place where we don’t want to be. Getting clear on your goals and strategic priorities is the very foundation of sustainability. 

What is your organization’s reason for being? What is the impact that you want to make? What are the values of your organization? How do you make those values come alive? How would you define a brilliant outome for your organization, both in terms of results and human well-being? If you could wish for a certain kind of culture at work, what would that look like? 

I facilitate the important conversation around sustainability in your organization. I help you stretch your vision and turn it into measurable and motivating goals. I support you in moving from fuzziness to clarity and help you get clear on what sustainability means for your employees; how it actually helps them feel and do better. 

Sustainability embraces the organization and the individual alike. By setting a clear direction and using your combined sustainability goals as the starting point, you can start making decisions that boost results without compromising the well-being of your employees.  

Transforming your culture

Once you know your current and desired state of affairs, you can start to define what the gap between them looks like, and how to bridge it:

What are the changes that need to be made in order to transform your organizational culture into one of well-being? How do you need to do things differently? Which elements can be added; which ones can be removed? What are your current cultural norms? Which ones need adjusting; are there some you can build on? What do you need in terms of leadership and self-leadership? 

A cultural shift comes about through actions that are both intentional and strategic. Transforming norms and putting the most important stress preventors in place, you can start to build a path forward where both your organization and employees can thrive. 

I support you in identifying your sustainability gap, set the path towards your desired goals, and create a clear road map to help you move from your current to your desired state. We define clear action and measurement points, stakeholders and leadership roles, involvement and motivational strategies, feedback loops, and more. We set the change in motion and make sure to have the strategic focus to sustain changes in the future. 

Measuring and moving forward

Your sustainability goals are important drivers for change. But they are also crucial indicators for how well you are doing.

Have the changes made created the desired results? Are there tendencies that indicate that you need to reinforce or readjust? What are some of the next initiatives that you should be looking at to keep on building organizational and human sustainability? How can we ensure a continued sustainability focus in terms of roles, responsibilities and continuity? 

Evaluating your work is important – not only in terms of goal securement, but also for the signals that it sends. Keeping your sustainability efforts and results transparent can be one of many important tools for ensuring motivation, participation, community, recruitment and retention.

With the focus on your past and current successes, we continue the change loop and set the stage for the next phase of your transformation. We go through the important lessons learned, draw conclusions for the future and set the stage for your continued long-term sustainability. 

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