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Want to know EXACTLY how to create a thriving business?

  • Are you longing for new levels of success but don’t know how to get there?

  • Do you have a bunch of creative ideas but not the tools nor the time to realize them?

  • Do you feel stuck in the day-to-day running of your business?

  • Are you constantly busy but not getting where and what you want?

  • Is your current success costing you too much in terms of life balance and personal health?

  • Do you feel overwhelmed by everything that needs to get done?

  • Are old habits and limiting beliefs holding you back?

I help women entrepreneurs just like you expand their success above and beyond!

I help you build a purpose-based business, with clear goals, an aligned plan for action and a proven system for getting things done!

Instead of spending your time, money and energy on stuff that won’t move you closer to your big vision – you’ll know exactly what to do to achieve the thriving business of your dreams!

By turning all of your amazing experience, knowledge and motivation into a powerful plan for growth, you’ll go from feeling overwhelm and frustration to being in control, focused and productive.

You’ll know:

  • What you want to reach – not just metaphorically but in actual, definable successes!

  • How to create a business that is aligned with yourself: from product development and pricing to sales and communication.

  • How to integrate your personal strengths and creativity into compelling business offers that people will want to get in line to buy!

  • Who your dream client is and how to create trust through authenticity and a genuine customer focus.

  • How to leverage your business by being consistent in everything that you do.

  • How to create a happy life and a healthy business by replacing time thieves and procrastination with clarity and focus!

Who am I to talk?

I have turned my 25 + years of experience of business and personal transformation into an effective, step-by-step process that helps you achieve sustainable business success.

I know that real success is not just about the bottom line – it’s also about health, happiness and having a clear sense of purpose.

I also know that clarity eats hard work for breakfast. When we know what we want and are clear on how to get it – magic happens!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level?

Learn all about my Time to Thrive business expansion program here!

Need more meat? Here are 4 facts about me:

1 ) Being an entrepreneur is the best kind of life that I can imagine! So far, I’ve started 7 businesses. The business models have varied, but the recipe for success has remained the same. Today, I’m thrilled that I get to share that recipe with others!

2 ) In my previous life as a corporate climber, I evaluated a 200 million Euro development fund; I co-created the growth strategy for a major telecom company; I managed a public-private partnership; and helped a bunch of businesses expand geographically. Arthur Andersen, COLT Telecom, the Swedish Trade Council and the City of Stockholm are some of the organizations that I’ve had the fortune of working with.

3 ) I believe in business with a heart. That’s why many of my clients are coaches, creatives and impact entrepreneurs. You have turned your passion into a successful business – I’ll give you the keys to take your success to the next level!

4 ) I’m Swedish but have lived in 10 different countries. I love languages and have a deep respect for cultural differences. I believe that the world is out there for us and our businesses – if we approach it with an open mind!

Fun facts and hidden talents 🙂

  • I’m nuts about dogs and really salty licorice!
  • I’m pretty awesome at accents – can even pull off a decent Zlatan Ibrahimovic!
  • I have a 7-year old boss who makes sure that I stay focused, efficient and productive! (He also happens to be my son.)
  • I make mean desserts (yes I’ll happily share any recipes!)
  • Bold, colorful jewelry make my day – the more, the better!
  • I LOVE to play in the ocean – could literally stay the whole day!
  • Like most Leos, I’m childishly proud to be one!
  • If I could choose, I’d have summer 12 months per year! (Nope, don’t care about the seasons changing!)
  • Working out is my meditation. If I take on the personality of a Gremlin, it’s a sure sign that cardio has been missing for a few days!

Ready to take your business to the next level?

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