What do your clients want to know?

When you’re engaging with your target audience, are you telling them what THEY want to know? No matter how, when or where you’re reaching out to your prospective clients – in a meeting, an online post or a presentation – this is THE question you want to ask yourself! Why can this sometimes be tricky? Two things: First, you must know what the client is actually interested in. Second, you need to look at yourself and your offer from the outside. Both of these bits require empathy, objectivity and creativity. And even though you might be [...]

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3 keys for selling your services!

Selling services means selling the intangible – a challenge in itself, since there’s no physical product to bring to the sales meeting. There’s nothing that your prospect can see, touch or easily compare with the competition – instead, the experience of your service is in its execution! But for someone to make a purchase, there first needs to be trust. And even without a physical product, you need to allow the person on the other side to get a taste of what you’re offering. It might seem tricky – but it’s actually great news, since what [...]

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Producing awesome content with the help of creative freedom!

If creating content is an important part of your business, you might agree that getting it done requires both FOCUS and CREATIVITY. Regardless of what you’re creating – whether it be brief marketing messages or massive online courses – finding the right balance between the two is key. But about a year ago, I realized that this balance – in my case – was completely off. Having trained my analytical side a LOT throughout my working life, my tendency to use focus and discipline had completely taken over! How did I find this out? Well, it [...]

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How to create an offer that your customers will get in line to buy!

Is your offer getting you the Hurrahs, the Yeyys – and most of all – the sales that you were hoping for? Or is the response distinctly luke-warm? If you want to know how to turn all of your awesomeness - your experience, your knowledge and your special super-powers – into an offer that your customers will LOVE, then read on! 😊 To save you some time though, I’ll start with the bottom line: it’s all about engaging with your target audience. If the main benefits of your offer are X – while the customer is [...]

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How to never run out of engaging content

When you’re in the business of selling services, content creation is key for building your brand and your mailing list. It’s a way to make the intangible tangible, and letting your audience know about your perspective, your unique knowledge and what kind of value you deliver. But to show up consistently with content that is both fresh and helpful can sometimes be a bit of a challenge. So, to help you do just that, I’ve put together some of my best tips for coming up with content that both helps your audience AND boosts your brand! [...]

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