Share one of your blessings!

When world health is priority #1, most other aspects of life can seem small or irrelevant. Our biggest goals and dreams are put – not on hold perhaps, but on a different level of priority. Still. Life does go on, even if the framework around it has changed for a while. Your dreams are still here, and they still matter. YOU matter. And even if it’s not business as usual – it’s still business. You’re still building. And that’s OK. In fact, it’s more than OK. It’s amazing! Because it means that you’re creating your own [...]

Share one of your blessings!2020-03-23T17:04:55+01:00

Having it all: 4 steps to a thriving, purpose-based business

I believe that it’s time to change the definition of success! I grew up hearing what I should do with my life. In 9th grade, our school councilor told us to we all should study economics as there was a shortage of economists. My parents told me I should work with marketing since (they believed) it would fit my personality. No one ever asked me what I wanted – so I never thought to ask myself that question either. But flow comes when we do what we love – that’s when we’re the most productive; that’s [...]

Having it all: 4 steps to a thriving, purpose-based business2019-06-17T01:53:42+02:00
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