About a year ago, I made the decision to move my business online. I wanted to be able to reach and support more women entrepreneurs. And I wanted a more sustainable business model for myself.

This past year has been a steep learning curve for me. Because while it may seem that moving online just means doing the same things in a different context, it deeply changes the way that you do business.

Those amazing online opportunities belong to everyone. That means that you need to be crystal clear on what makes YOU unique. And for that, you need to CHOOSE!

Here are 3 of the important choices you want to make to build your online business AND stay afloat in the process!

1. Choosing your business model

In my offline business, I would customize programs for my clients – a wonderful experience, but one that was time-consuming as I often had to re-invent at least part of the wheel.

With my online business, I’ve created my own portfolio and designed it to exactly fit my ideal client.

To create yours, get super clear on who you want to serve, what she needs, and how you’re going to deliver – from those initial contacts through to the post-purchase experience!

2. Choosing your marketing process

My offline marketing process was very simple and went like this: an e-mail, followed by a call, then a meeting and – in the best of cases – a deal!

My online process involves more of everything. More channels. More steps. More interaction.

To make your online marketing work for you, you’ll need clarity on a few things. What you want to achieve. Which channels to show up in. The way your funnel works. Your tone and key messages.

3. Choosing your publishing plan

Posting every now and then won’t make much of a difference. And posting without follow-up or interaction will keep you stuck in square 1.

Consistency is key – because it helps your audience get to know you, and it helps you keep an implicit promise to show up when people expect you to.

To get consistent, a plan can be of great help!

Define the topics you want to post about. Decide what content goes where, and when. Make room in your daily calendar for some direct connection!

To seize those big opportunities and build a business that works for YOU, first define what you want your business to look like – and then start making those important choices in line with your vision.

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