As I was talking to a friend, we slipped into the topic of role models. We agreed that knowing someone who’s made the journey before us makes it so much easier to take on a challenge.

Research shows that the likelihood of starting a business increases significantly if there’s an entrepreneur among close family members or friends. In the same way, we’re much more likely to choose a creative path if our parents have a creative interest or profession.

It has to do with inspiration and proof: seeing what’s possible tells us we can do it too. The success of others gives us a roadmap that we can re-use for our own adventures.

Since our conversation, it has become clear to me just how much my Mom has affected the way I manage major life decisions:

As a young woman, my Mom longed for freedom and independence. She would visualize working as a creative writer, packing a typewriter and head out into the world – and so, in ways that she couldn’t have imagined, she did!

My Mom is the first entrepreneur that I ever knew, and her story has had a lasting impact on me.

It’s taught me:

  • The power of clarity, purpose and visualization
  • The importance of self-sufficiency and of seizing the opportunities that we’re blessed with
  • That it’s possible to develop a business in line with our personal values and interests
  • That the world is out there for me to explore – and that it’s safe for me to do so

I still feel the thrill of the unknown when I think of my Mom’s vision and her drive to realize it. It’s the same thrill that I’ve always felt when embarking upon a new life adventure – whether it’s been about starting or re-designing my business or setting up my home in a new country.

Knowing that my Mom dared to go for it has turned change and transformation into exciting adventures that I look forward to, often actively seeking them out. Her road map – a mix of vision, determination and hard work – has become part of my own recipe for success.

In life, we’re sure to run into challenges and opportunities that we just don’t know how to manage. Inspiring examples – generous individuals who are willing to share to good and the bad – can make all the difference!

Who is your role model? What are some of the most important lessons that he or she has taught you?

I’d love to hear from you – please feel free to share below or send me a message!

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