When you’re engaging with your target audience, are you telling them what THEY want to know?

No matter how, when or where you’re reaching out to your prospective clients – in a meeting, an online post or a presentation – this is THE question you want to ask yourself!

Why can this sometimes be tricky? Two things:

First, you must know what the client is actually interested in.

Second, you need to look at yourself and your offer from the outside.

Both of these bits require empathy, objectivity and creativity. And even though you might be all of those things, those traits can become less present in a sales or marketing situation.

Why? Because we want to BE our best, and we want to LOOK our best. Suddenly, the focus is on US instead of the client!

Here are three questions you can use to scan all of your content for client-focus and empathy:

1. Are you addressing your clients’ needs?

If you’re not sure, you need spend some time to check your assumptions. Ask your former clients. Reach out to your network. Find out what the client needs and wants to know more about. There’s a difference between NICE to know and NEED to know. For your content to catch the client’s attention, make sure it addresses their needs as closely as possible.

2. Are your messages clear and easy to understand?

Industry jargon is a sure way to create a distance between you and the client. Partly because it’s impersonal. But also, because your audience probably isn’t all that familiar with – or interested in – your profession. They want to know if and how you can help. Your content needs to answer THAT and do it in a straightforward way.

3. Are you giving compelling reasons to engage with you?

The ultimate goal of your content is to help your audience decide if you’re the one they need. And the only sustainable way to differ from the competition is by being yourself. Because YOU are your most unique sales point. Nobody can copy your experience, know-how and personality. So, share your stories using your unique voice. Only then can your ideal client know if you’re the one for her.

The world is longing to hear from you. So, get those messages out there in a way that helps us get you!

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