These past few weeks have been pretty intense for me, and I suspect that it’s been the same for you.

When I end up in a super busy period, I can find it a little difficult to stick to my normal routines. Do you feel the same?

If you happen to share that experience, then this is a friendly reminder that getting stressed out or beating yourself up about it is not necessary – at all!

🎄 Because, it’s OK to skip a day of social media.

🎄 It’s OK to not have the time to batch work.

🎄 It’s OK to put some projects to the side while you finish up what you need to right now.

If you have a bunch of client projects that you need to wrap up before the holidays, then that’s what you should focus on – which means that other things will have to wait.

Giving yourself some perspective can help to let go of guilt and stress. You can do that by looking at the tendency of your business:

💕 Overall, are you doing the work that you need to be doing?

💕 Overall, do you have routines and systems that help you stay on track?

If your answer to those questions is Yes, then you are good! Because what matters is that tendency and overall picture. What doesn’t matter is if you happen to drop the ball when it simply gets too busy.

So give yourself a break, get that most important work done, and leave the rest for later.

Wishing you happy holidays with loads of fun, rest and recovery.

With all my love,

Sanna xo

PS. Being too hard on yourself is neither fun nor productive. Negative self-talk is one of many forms of self-sabotage. If you feel ready to replace that with powerful business habits, then I invite you to get my free training Beat the Blocks. It’s my Christmas gift to you – get your free copy here. 🤶

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