I have this personality trait that I’m not especially proud of. But I thought that I’d share it with you, and I want to do so because of one important fact:

We all have the capacity to turn our greatest flaws into some serious super-powers!

So, my “thing” is a little bit of compulsiveness. OK, a lot of it! It’s one of these things that is just so much a part of me that it colors my entire life:

From how the role of toilet paper MUST be placed, to the way that I plan out the purchasing experience of my clients.

From the way that my shoes need to be arranged (right shoe always a little more to the front than the left, OBVIOUSLY, right?!), to how I plan my social media content.

You know that fun-loving, happy-go-lucky friend of yours? I’m her opposite!

Not that I don’t like fun or can’t make people laugh. It’s just that I have very clear ideas about How Things Should Be. And I have a very hard time adjusting those ideas. Same goes for plans – once their made, I don’t like to change them!

There’s clearly a significant amount of inflexibility here. And I KNOW that this can be a pain, especially for my closest family members.

BUT. I have learnt to use this annoying trait and turn it into one of my super-powers:

When others talk about a lack of self-discipline, I have a hard time relating. Why would someone NOT stick to a decision made?

When others talk about having trouble finding new ideas for online content, I have a constant stream that I put into my schedule and then happily work away on, one by one.

I could go on, but that would sound conceited. And the point I want to make is not about my own greatness. It’s about the lack of it.

I used to wish that I was a more spur-of-the-moment kinda gal. But I’m not. And I’ve learnt to accept that fact, live with it – AND make the most of it.

So whatever annoying traits that YOU may have (and we all do!), I’m sure that you can make them work for you in the actual sense of the word. Look at them not with fatigue or shame, but with curiosity.

There’s opportunity there. You have the ability to reframe and retell your story.

Now, what might that sound like?

Sanna Koritz Outside Cafe

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