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Time to Thrive

– 10 weeks to your sustainable success –

Hello friend!

Are the winds and weathers of entrepreneurship rocking your boat, making you feel as if you have no control?

You’re not alone! Running a business is hard work. And with all the stuff that needs to get done, it’s easy to end up in freeze mode or start running in every single direction – neither of them great strategies for long-term success! 😉

The Time to Thrive program helps you step into your full power and build a business that is focused, balanced, profitable – and fun!

I’ve packaged my 25+ years in business and personal development into 10 clear steps for you to work through so that you can:

  • Stay focused and get things done!
  • Attract the right clients at the right price!
  • Turn your creative dreams into a profitable reality!

Self-study + the power of the group = your thriving business!

The Time to Thrive program is part self-study, part live group coaching. You learn my 10 steps to sustainable success at your own pace through video recordings, excercises and more – then, in our monthly group coaching sessions during 1 full year, you get the love and support from me and the group to help you build a thriving business!

Time to Thrive gets you out of your bubble and into a generous community of women entrepreneurs, where everyone participates with their unique knowledge, experience and perspective!

This is what you get:

Self-study material that helps you master my 10 steps to sustainable success

  • 1 year access to all the 10 Time to Thrive video classes that go through each of my 10 steps to sustainable success
  • Business Builder worksheets for each class with tons of exercises for you to work through in your own time
  • 10 class summaries to help you retain your knowledge going forward

The input and dynamics of the group to help you create a thriving business 

  • 1 year of monthly group coaching sessions where you get direct feedback from me on a current challenge
  • Hotseats where you get to zoom in and move forward on a certain topic with the support of me and the group
  • 2 individual coaching sessions with me to dive deeper into your most important challenges
  • 1 full year of access to my private Time to Thrive Facebook group where you can connect in between coaching sessions
  • The opportunity to grow your insights and skills as you share your unique knowledge and support your peers on their journey

Time to Thrive may be just right for you if you’re:

  • Tired of working yourself to the bone with too little in your bank account to show for it
  • Longing for more balance, creativity and positive energy in your life and business
  • Ready to step into your full power and turn your big dreams into reality*

The next round of Time to Thrive starts on April 15, 2021 and registration is currently open. Book a free clarity call with me to find out more!

*PS. Big business dreams don’t have to be about running a billion-dollar business. A big dream can be making a solid living and live worry-free. Or being able to set aside money for travel or investments. For many, a huge dream is to have a profitable business founded on what they LOVE to do! The point is: you have your unique dreams and talents – I’m here to help you make them work for you!

I’ve taken a LOT of courses throughout the years – here’s why I’ve designed Time to Thrive differently!

Have you ever completed a course – and then felt overwhelmed and alone when it was time to implement the stuff you learnt? I’ve been there too many times myself! And in most cases, the actual course impact on my business and life has been small, simply because noone was there to support me during the actual time of transformation. This is why I’ve designed the Time to Thrive program differently!

Knowledge and community: an unbeatable combination!

Time to Thrive is an all-round program that not only gives you the knowledge and the tools that you need; it also puts you in a context with other women entrepreneurs who you share your journey with. The connection and collective experience of a group is unbeatable. And the power of genuine generosity is priceless. (This is why my Time to Thrive alumni mention community as one of the biggest benefits of the program).

Live support during your important time of transformation!

Transformation takes time. That’s why you can join the monthly group coaching sessions for a full year upon joining the program, to ask questions, give and get support. I’ve also included one year of access to my private Time to Thrive Facebook group, so that you can keep on connecting and support each other during your journey.

This is what you’ll get from the Time to Thrive program:

  • Tons of information and proven tools and systems based on more than 25 years of experience
  • 1 full year of access to 10 video classes with my 10 steps to sustainable success
  • Loads of material and exercises to work through at your own pace
  • More than 20 hours together with the group in live sessions where you get and give support
  • Two 1:1 coaching sessions with me to dive deeper into your most important challenges
  • A priceless network of experienced and generous women entrepreneurs
  • 1 year of access to a private Facebook group where you can drop a question or give feedback at any time
  • Meaty class notes and summaries to help you retain your knowledge going forward

Are you ready to rocket launch your business into a happy, creative and profitable space? The next round of Time to Thrive starts on April 15, 2021. Book a free clarity call with me to learn more! 

Have more questions? Keep on reading! : )  

What’s a typical participant like?

She’s an entrepreneur with tons of skills and experience, who is ready to make all that goodness work for her in her business! I’ve been blessed with clients who are incredibly generous and compassionate; who share the view that business needs to be authentic, client focused and balanced.

Why group coaching?

There’s an incredible power in the dynamic of a group that wants to grow together. As part of the Time to Thrive program, you won’t just benefit from learning my 10 step process to sustainable success – you’ll also get the input from the collective experience and wisdom of the other participants.

How much does it cost?

The current price is 1,395 Euros (excluding VAT).

How long does it go on for?

You have access to the entire program – video recordings, class material,  group coaching sessions and Facebook group – for a full year from joining the program.

I’m shy. Do I need to participate actively?

I get it. I’m also shy, even though I’ve learnt the tricks of the extroverts. But Time to Thrive is really a group experience. This means that every participant joins with the mindset of supporting her peers and of asking for their feedback when she needs it.

This is not a program where you sit passively and listen. Real learning happens when we actively participate. And our group sessions are a safe space where members support each other, grow together – and have fun in the process!

Here’s what my happy Time to Thrive alumni have to say:

I can’t praise the Time to Thrive program and Sanna highly enough. The content is structured logically, so that you’re taken on a journey through the vital stages of running a business. The program is a perfect mix of strategy and heart. I’ve gone from feeling overwhelmed and not knowing if I was focusing on the right things, to feeling like I have a clear roadmap and a priceless support network to hold me accountable. Sanna is one of the most professional individuals I’ve met, but so friendly and warm.

Janine- Lumeah Brand PhotographyJanine Laag, Photographer, Lumeah Personal Brand Photography, Sweden

Through her professionalism, her long experience, her warmth and her big heart, Sanna helped me feel joy and a sense of ease in the running of my business. The Time to Thrive program taught me how to work consistently with marketing and how to effectively direct myself towards my dream clients. It made me realize that it’s OK to be myself which really helped remove the negative pressures of running a business. I warmly recommend the Time to Thrive program, and Sanna as a Business Coach and group facilitator.

Emilia AsplundEmilia Asplund, Speech Therapist, Asplund & Bäcklin, Sweden

I decided to join Time to Thrive because I felt I was stuck in my business. I had worked really hard for many years, but I didn’t understand why I wasn’t getting the results I was looking for. Sanna’s program blew me away! It was everything I needed and all I wanted: chunky and innovative content that offered total clarity on what it takes to go from good to great; challenging homework that forced me out of my comfort zone and to start growing in new ways; professional support during every session; plus an amazing group of other women entrepreneurs as accountability partners. As if this wasn’t enough: add on the individual coaching sessions and I’m in entrepreneur heaven! Sanna is empathetic, compassionate, amazingly structured and a professional in every way. Her experience is rock solid: she just knows how to transform a business. Working with her has been so much fun! I’ve looked forward to every single session, always wondering what’s next. Time to Thrive has been a true opportunity to transform myself and my business and take it to the next level. THANK YOU Sanna! I couldn’t have done it without you.

Becka KoritzBecka Koritz, Social Entrepreneur & Founder of Agile Learning Center Explora, Mexico
Sanna has been our go-to sales expert for the past 2 years. During this time, she has delivered for us a series of group workshops and individual coaching sessions to 30+ entrepreneurs with diverse businesses (from coffee production through to catering, jewelry and apps) and backgrounds (from Sweden to Singapore; Serbia to South Africa).
Working with Sanna has been a pleasure: her expertise and professionalism have been appreciated by both entrepreneurs and staff. In a workshop setting, Sanna is focused as well as adaptive. To watch Sanna deliver a workshop is a true learning experience – not only for the knowledge she is able to impart but also for the way she is able to do it: by being both a great speaker as well as a listener/ “reader” of her audience. In her individual coaching sessions, Sanna has advised our entrepreneurs and helped shape a tailored plan to overcome specific challenges and foster growth.
petya thorne photoPetya Thorne, Communications & Community Manager Impact Invest Scandinavia
For several years, Sanna Koritz gave the short course ’Start your own business – from a great idea to a safe launch’ at Folkuniversitetet. Throughout, she was given excellent reviews from participants – both for her knowledge, her responsiveness and her engagement. Sanna’s work is a reflection of her genuine interest for people and business development combined. She adds warmth, professionalism and a personal touch to everything that she does.
UlrikaUlrika Engerstam, Head of Professional Courses, Research & Organizational Development, Folkuniversitetet Stockholm
Sanna is an inspiring trainer, who has the ability to transfer “hands-on” knowledge that participants can start using right away in their businesses. She uses real-life examples and lots of interaction to get participants involved and learning.
Sanna has a personal, direct and very clear style of communication and is not afraid to combine serious focus with a good portion of humor. She is very structured and makes it easy to follow along.
Our participants were very happy with Sanna’s workshop! It was a pleasure working with Sanna and I warmly recommend her as a trainer/workshop leader.
Vesna Bojanovic, CEEDVesna Bojanovic, CEED
Sanna delivered an excellent training program within business development for GIZ Montenegro and for members of the Association for Business Women of Montenegro.
During a two-day workshop and through individual coaching sessions, Sanna helped each business woman strengthen her abilities within business development. The impact of the training was highly positive.
Sanna is professional with a positive attitude and a talent for training and consulting within business development. She’s a great person to work with!
AlmaAlma Henic Strahinja, GIZ Montenegro