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Time to Thrive

– 10 weeks to your sustainable success –

♥ Dear super entrepreneur ♥

Do you sometimes feel that there is a mismatch between the opportunities of tomorrow and the realities of today? I know that I certainly do.

And, hard as it may be, I always see this as a great sign:

It means that we have grown as individuals, and that we’re ready to take our business to the next level: there needs to be congruence between who we are, what we want and what we do.

But this mismatch also presents quite a challenge:

If we want our businesses to grow, we need to invest time, money – and not the least, energy. Chances are that we will also have to deal with the not-so-pleasant side effects of any transformation, like self-doubt, procrastination and fear of failure. Keeping that razor-sharp focus is not always the easiest thing.

I have created the Time to Thrive business expansion program to help you take your business to the next level, and to do so with maximum efficiency!

You will get all the tools you need to take charge of your business transformation and make that growth happen, including:

  • A STRATEGIC COMPASS for your business that makes it easy to make efficient, aligned decisions.

  • A CLEAR ROADMAP that exactly specifies what you will want to do to reach your big goals.

  • A SYSTEM FOR IMPLEMENTATION that helps you Get Things Done, effectively moving your business to where you want it to be.


What is Time to Thrive?

Time to Thrive is a 10-week program that helps you achieve clarity on how to grow your business and build sustainable success.

The program centers around my 10 steps for business growth, and helps you uncover and define WHAT you want, WHY you want it and HOW to get it.


More specifically, you will get the support to:

  • Exactly specify how you want to make a difference and who you want to help

  • Clarify your goals and the actions you want to take to reach them

  • Create a unique offer that will help your customers reach their desired state
  • Craft a powerful and ethical strategy for marketing and selling your offer

  • Use effective techniques to overcome overwhelm and get things done

The Time to Thrive program helps you build a business that is fully aligned with what you desire and what your customers need. It’ll help you go from stress, overwhelm and frustration – to feeling motivated, relaxed and in control.


My FOCUS framework

The program is built on my FOCUS framework, which I have developed during my 25 + years in business development. I’ve used the framework to start and grow 7 businesses and help hundreds of other entrepreneurs do the same.

The framework combines razor-sharp business tools with efficient mindset techniques. It’s a dynamic process for managing your business growth as it’s based on three principles:

Clarity – when we KNOW what we want and how to get it, magic happens.

Focus – it’s not about doing lots; it’s about doing what MATTERS.

Alignment – if we make decisions based on what we want, we WILL get there.

Here’s where many entrepreneurs stumble:

We want things to happen – NOW! So, we ignore the strategic questions and focus on Getting Stuff Done!

But if you don’t know your desired destination, you can walk as fast and as far as you can – and you might STILL end up in the wrong place! You’ll have wasted all that time and energy for nothing.

Time to Thrive helps you set the strategic intention for your business; outline an efficient roadmap for getting there; and put all the support systems in place to help you get things done.

It’s clear. It’s focused. It’s aligned. And therefore, it’s super-efficient.


The 10 steps to business success

Each week we’ll go through one of the ten steps to business success. This is a process that helps you define your big WHY and turn it into a sustainable business that runs efficiently and in complete alignment with what you want.

1. Defining the impact that you want to make

2. Choosing your ideal client and your big promise

3. Creating a mindset conducive to change

4. Setting the stage for an aligned business

5. Turning your desired impact into motivating goals

6. Creating a powerful action plan

7. Crafting an offer that your customers will love

8. Communicating in a way that engages and inspires

9. Self-managing to make the most of your time and energy

10. Securing your growth through habits, consistency and support


How do you know if Time to Thrive is right for you?

Here are some signs that Time to Thrive can be exactly what you need:

  • Your business vision is greater today than before – but you feel unsure of exactly how to execute it.

  • You know that you have much more to give. You want to realize your full potential – but you don’t know how to do it in a way that makes business-sense.

  • You want to seize exciting market opportunities – but you’re missing a system for prioritizing and getting things done.

  • You feel that your current success is costing you too much in terms of time, energy and life balance. You want to find a sustainable business model that really works for you.

  • You are experiencing obstacles to your business growth. You need a hands-on approach to overcome them and start building the success that you want.

  • You feel that you’re investing too much time for too little in return. You want to find more focus and a way to create a bigger impact.

  • You are experiencing stress, overwhelm and frustration as you feel that you’re lacking the time, tools, energy and focus to make your business growth happen.

  • You’re looking for complete clarity on where to take your business – and an exact roadmap for making it happen.

If this is you, then Time to Thrive might be exactly what you need!

The Time to Thrive program is for experienced women entrepreneurs who are ready and motivated to take their business to the next level. Fill out my qualifying questionnaire to see if we’re a good fit.

Fill out the Questionnaire


How it’s done!

Time to Thrive is a 10-week intensive business expansion program that gives you the focused, in-depth support that you need to move your business to the next level!

In the program, I share with you all the important insights and tools from my more than 25 years in personal and business transformation, and I do so in a combined learning setting:

  • You get 3 individual coaching sessions during 12 months from the start of the program. This is to give you maximum support and the possibility to work on more sensitive issues.

  • The 10 modules are held online in a group coaching session that lasts 1,5  hours. You as a participant have a lot to contribute with, and the power of a mastermind group is amazing!

  • 1 module will be covered each week, each module building on one of my 10 steps for business success.

    • During the first 30 minutes of each module, I share my insights and tools – then act as a Moderator and Group Coach to answer your questions and lead the group forward.
    • Each module offers a hotseat, where one of the participants will get everyone’s support in moving forward on a particular question.
    • There are exercises to be completed individually in connection with each module to help you move your business forward.
  • A one-hour online group implementation coaching session will be held each month during 9 months after the completed program to help you implement your business growth plan.

  • You will have 1-year free exclusive access to my Facebook group, Time to Thrive, where I participate once a week, and where you will be able to give and get support from your peers.

  • All session recordings and exercises will be available for downloading on the course site.


3 important success factors

This program is about change. And there’s no doubt about it: change can be hard. It requires work. Consistency. Courage. Openness.

To help you manage change so that you can grow your business, I have put three important success factors into place:

1) Maximum support to help you grow your business.

You’ll benefit from a combination of both individual and group coaching. This will give you individualized support and help with more sensitive issues, and the benefit of the amazing power and generosity of the group.

2) Help to create new habits and consistent action.

In between modules, you’ll get individual exercises to work on. This will help you gain clarity, move forward with your own business and take consistent action. All of them are key ingredients for managing change and creating progress.

3) Support during your implementation

Making that change and growth happen is the whole point of this program. And I don’t want to leave you hanging. I want you to do this! Which is why I’ll hold a monthly 1-hour implementation session with the group during 9 months after your completed program.

To grow big, you need to dare to be small. Yes, you will feel vulnerable at some point. And yes, I know how uncomfortable that can be. But there’s no growth without discomfort. Because you’re stretching yourself. I’m here to help you through it. And so are your peers.


3 simple steps to find out if we’re meant for each other

Time to Thrive is for experienced women entrepreneurs who are ready and motivated to take their business to the next level. Here’s how we find out if we’re meant for each other:

Step 1: The first step is to take the Time to Thrive Qualifying Questionnaire. You can access the questionnaire here.

Step 2: If your answers indicate that Time to Thrive could be the right program for you, you’ll get an e-mail with a link to book a clarity call with me to discuss your needs in greater detail.

Step 3: If we both agree that Time to Thrive is a good fit for you, I’ll send you an e-mail with a link to join the next round of the program.

What I want for you is a happy and healthy business. And I only want you to join the Time to Thrive business expansion program if you’re at a point where business growth is what you truly want AND if you’re prepared to put in the work needed to expand your success.


What about the cost?

The cost of the program is 1,950 EUR (excl. VAT). Included in the price is:

  • 3 individual coaching sessions with me (each lasting 45 minutes)

  • 10 combined lecture/group coaching sessions of 1,5-hours each

  • Exercises that will help you manage each of the 10 steps to business growth
  • A one-hour group implementation coaching session once a month during 9 months after the completed program, to help you stay on track and achieve your business growth

  • Access to all of the 10 session recordings

  • 1 year free access to the exclusive Time to Thrive Facebook group


Read what previous clients had to say:

I can’t praise the Time to Thrive program and Sanna highly enough. The content is structured logically, so that you’re taken on a journey through the vital stages of running a business. The program is a perfect mix of strategy and heart. I’ve gone from feeling overwhelmed and not knowing if I was focusing on the right things, to feeling like I have a clear roadmap and a priceless support network to hold me accountable. Sanna is one of the most professional individuals I’ve met, but so friendly and warm.

Janine- Lumeah Brand PhotographyJanine Laag, Photographer, Lumeah Personal Brand Photography, Sweden

Through her professionalism, her long experience, her warmth and her big heart, Sanna helped me feel joy and a sense of ease in the running of my business. The Time to Thrive program taught me how to work consistently with marketing and how to effectively direct myself towards my dream clients. It made me realize that it’s OK to be myself which really helped remove the negative pressures of running a business. I warmly recommend the Time to Thrive program, and Sanna as a Business Coach and group facilitator.

Emilia AsplundEmilia Asplund, Speech Therapist, Asplund & Bäcklin, Sweden

I decided to join Time to Thrive because I felt I was stuck in my business. I had worked really hard for many years, but I didn’t understand why I wasn’t getting the results I was looking for. Sanna’s program blew me away! It was everything I needed and all I wanted: chunky and innovative content that offered total clarity on what it takes to go from good to great; challenging homework that forced me out of my comfort zone and to start growing in new ways; professional support during every session; plus an amazing group of other women entrepreneurs as accountability partners. As if this wasn’t enough: add on the individual coaching sessions and I’m in entrepreneur heaven! Sanna is empathetic, compassionate, amazingly structured and a professional in every way. Her experience is rock solid: she just knows how to transform a business. Working with her has been so much fun! I’ve looked forward to every single session, always wondering what’s next. Time to Thrive has been a true opportunity to transform myself and my business and take it to the next level. THANK YOU Sanna! I couldn’t have done it without you.

Becka KoritzBecka Koritz, Social Entrepreneur & Founder of Agile Learning Center Explora, Mexico
Sanna has been our go-to sales expert for the past 2 years. During this time, she has delivered for us a series of group workshops and individual coaching sessions to 30+ entrepreneurs with diverse businesses (from coffee production through to catering, jewelry and apps) and backgrounds (from Sweden to Singapore; Serbia to South Africa).
Working with Sanna has been a pleasure: her expertise and professionalism have been appreciated by both entrepreneurs and staff. In a workshop setting, Sanna is focused as well as adaptive. To watch Sanna deliver a workshop is a true learning experience – not only for the knowledge she is able to impart but also for the way she is able to do it: by being both a great speaker as well as a listener/ “reader” of her audience. In her individual coaching sessions, Sanna has advised our entrepreneurs and helped shape a tailored plan to overcome specific challenges and foster growth.
Petya Thorne, Communications & Community Manager Impact Invest Scandinavia
For several years, Sanna Koritz gave the short course ’Start your own business – from a great idea to a safe launch’ at Folkuniversitetet. Throughout, she was given excellent reviews from participants – both for her knowledge, her responsiveness and her engagement. Sanna’s work is a reflection of her genuine interest for people and business development combined. She adds warmth, professionalism and a personal touch to everything that she does. 
UlrikaUlrika Engerstam, Head of Professional Courses, Research & Organizational Development, Folkuniversitetet Stockholm
Sanna is an inspiring trainer, who has the ability to transfer “hands-on” knowledge that participants can start using right away in their businesses. She uses real-life examples and lots of interaction to get participants involved and learning.
Sanna has a personal, direct and very clear style of communication and is not afraid to combine serious focus with a good portion of humor. She is very structured and makes it easy to follow along.
Our participants were very happy with Sanna’s workshop! It was a pleasure working with Sanna and I warmly recommend her as a trainer/workshop leader.
Vesna Bojanovic, CEEDVesna Bojanovic, CEED
Sanna delivered an excellent training program within business development for GIZ Montenegro and for members of the Association for Business Women of Montenegro.
During a two-day workshop and through individual coaching sessions, Sanna helped each business woman strengthen her abilities within business development. The impact of the training was highly positive.
Sanna is professional with a positive attitude and a talent for training and consulting within business development. She’s a great person to work with!
AlmaAlma Henic Strahinja, GIZ Montenegro