It’s Monday morning. You’re feeling incredibly motivated and ready to move ahead on your most important project. You sit down, you open your laptop and you start hitting away on the keyboard.

But only a short while into work, your mind starts to wander.

  • You start to feel stressed about the time it’s taking to complete your project. As progress is slow, you start thinking about other things that you could be doing instead, like some easy quick-wins.
  • A new idea might pop up in your mind that feels better and much easier to complete. You start wondering if you should put your current project to the side and explore this new thought instead.
  • Or you might reach a hurdle that you can’t move past. Your motivation decreases and you feel the need for a break. You head towards the fridge or the nearest corner shop for a quick charge of your batteries.

Can you relate? If you can, then I’m sure of two things:

You’re not alone! And you know how tempting it can be to drop the ball and give in to stress, the next shiny object or your current craving.

Some of the most common obstacles to productivity and getting things done are (in no specific order of importance):

  • Procrastination – like having a hard time to get started or to finish a task
  • Distractions – like taking constant breaks or losing focus over a new shiny object
  • Boredom – not feeling motivated enough or being unable to energize yourself
  • Doubt – feeling unsure of the value of an idea or of your own capacity to see it through

To move past these obstacles and create progress on your most important project, there’s one thing that you can do:

Get to know thyself!

Here’s what I mean:

No productivity tool in the world can substitute a compelling cause and an uncompromising inner drive. Your productivity is closely linked to the level of clarity on the IMPACT that you want to make and the GOALS that you have set for yourself.

Here are three areas where increased self-knowledge will directly boost your productivity:

Knowing what MOTIVATES you! Having crystal clear goals will help you set your compass, say YES to strategic projects and NO to distractions and competing ideas. It’ll help you get started, stay clear of doubt and stick to your plan.

Knowing what WORKS for you! Observing yourself to see when you’re the most creative and what you need to get things done, lets you create helpful habits that will get you out of resistance and into flow.

Knowing what gets you UNSTUCK! We all get stuck, even with the straightest of paths. Whether it’s challenging yourself with a super-tight deadline or taking a break to get yourself energized – knowing what works for you will boost your creativity and help you continue to take action!

Your results will largely depend on your ability to stick it out. So the question is:

What do YOU need to stay persistent and happily productive?

Sanna Koritz Outside Cafe

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