One of the most important transformations that I help my coaching clients go through is moving from a place of fuzziness to one of clarity.

I like to think of it as a V-shape, where the wide space represents the point where:

👉 Your target audience is wide

👉 Your product or service is too

👉 You market in many different channels and with many different messages

👉 Your business model is a little here and there,

Staying in that place causes you to be overworked, overwhelmed and underpaid!

Because as you’re trying to be everything for everyone, you end up being nothing special to no one special. Your offers and marketing messages will be lukewarm compromises that no one will feel touched by or connected with.

If you instead move your business to the sharp point of the V:

🌟 You’re directing yourself to a small, well-defined segment of the market

🌟 With offers that are directly targeted to their needs

🌟 Your marketing is tight and focused

🌟 And your business model suits both you and your clients

The more specific you get, the easier it will be for you to attract the right clients and support them with what they need. And with greater client value, you’ll be able to charge more and work less.

So why is it that so many business owners end up in that fuzzy place? Two things mainly:

First is the fear of missing out. When you decide to target a smaller segment of the market, you’re also deciding to say no to the rest. That can feel scary!

Second is the love for what you do. You might simply be convinced that what you offer could benefit everyone!

Now, both of these make sense. It’s normal to be scared to miss out, and it’s normal to want as many as possible to experience the benefits of what you have to offer.

This is exactly why I always combine business strategy with mindset work. Because until you are emotionally and mentally onboard, it’s hard to execute a plan, no matter how brilliant it is or how much sense it makes.

If you are ready for more clarity and flow in your business, ask yourself these four questions:

❤️ Who is my ideal client?

❤️ What do they need?

❤️ How can I give it to them in the best way possible.

❤️ How and where do I tell them about it?

Be prepared for fears to show up as you’re doing this work. That’s OK. You can still continue to move your business towards the point of clarity and flow.

With lots of love,


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