As a business coach who helps women entrepreneurs build sustainable success, I have the great privilege and joy of meeting tons of talented women with awesome businesses. When they come to me, it’s because they haven’t found a way to make their business work for them.

Here’s something I have found during my 16 years of business coaching:

If someone is having trouble attracting and landing new clients, they are probably telling themselves things that aren’t true.

And when you do that, you’re creating a negative, self-reinforcing loop. Because not only will your brain believe you, but you’ll also act accordingly. And when you act small, your results will be small. And so, those false truths will keep on keeping you stuck.

If you’re business is standing still, you might be telling yourself one or more of these things:

1. “This is a nice hobby, but I could never make a proper living out of it.”

I will sometimes hear women business owners minimize their profession like this. Perhaps it’s a way to stay safe. I mean, if you don’t proclaim your plan to take over the world, then no one is going to hold you to it, right? 😉

But remember this: there are an infinite number of crazy business ideas that have made it big – and an equal number of businesses that made total sense and still failed! Just because you love what you do doesn’t mean you have to treat it as a hobby. Get honest with what you want. Dare to think big. Set clear goals – monetary too! And start working strategically towards those goals. Hire a business coach if you get lost on the way.

2. “I don’t have what it takes to run a business.”

Yes, you do. True, running a business is not for the faint-hearted. It takes courage, determination, resilience, energy and much more. But there are no magical skills involved. It’s about grit. Common sense. Empathy. Being in tune with your clients. If you can nail that, you can certainly run a business.

Plus: you don’t have to be an expert at everything. You can outsource. You can learn on the way. I always say that running a business is like life: you learn, you grow, you learn some more, you grow some more. The bottom line is: if you want it, you can get it. Start believing in yourself so that others will too. <3

3. “I don’t have time for marketing.”

Oh-oh. ;D If you don’t have time for marketing, then you’ll end up with too much time on your hands while potential clients are filling up someone else’s calendar. Many of my clients will shy away from marketing because of fear. Fear of visibility, fear of criticism, fear of failure. And I get it. I feel the fear too. But I’ve learnt to reframe it as a sign that I’m onto something big and important.

You have unique gifts that no one else has. No one has your unique combination of skills, experiences, perspectives. There is a ton of people needing to hear from YOU! Not marketing your business is preventing those people from getting the help that they need. There is always time for marketing. Just start with one post. And then one more. Get to know the people you are here to support. And create a routine that will help you stick to it.

4. “People aren’t prepared to pay a higher price for my services.”

This one kills me! Because not only is it untrue, it’s also almost never based on any kind of research, but on a gut feeling that has its roots in self-doubt. Your price should be based on the value that you provide – and if you provide great value, the right people will be more than ready to pay your worth. Not everyone, but the people that you want to work with!

Get to know your potential clients. Create something amazing for them. Know the value of that offer. Do the math. And then, stand proudly behind your prices.

5. “I’m not ready to launch yet, I still need to perfect some things.”

I know this one too well. So trust me when I say that you ARE ready! You don’t have to perfect anymore. People don’t want perfection – they want value. And whatever you’re working on, you need to launch it for people to get to know you and understand the value that you can give them.

Not launching is most often a sign of fear. What if that big dream won’t come true? What if no one will buy? What if you will fail? But if you don’t try, you’ll never succeed. So, finish up whatever you’re working on. Get some client feedback on it. Improve if you need to. Then launch again.

Phew, this was a long, but important one!

I would love to know if any of these resonates with you? Which one? And what is ONE thing you can do differently starting today?

With lots of business love,

Sanna xo

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