I want to talk to you about transformation. Why?

Because transformation is an essential ingredient to a fulfilled life. Whether it’s about your business or a part of your personal life, transforming means recognizing that we’ve grown, developed and that we need to BE and DO something different than before. Our old ways simply don’t fit us anymore. We need to stretch ourselves again, look ahead and reach further.

But going through a transformation isn’t always easy. Because it challenges us on a fundamental level. It requires us to let go of what once was AND to have faith in the unknown – often at the same time! For this, we need courage. Perseverance. Trust. And the energy to see it through.

I’ve spent the past months transforming my business to sharpen my offer and better serve my target audience. And I want to share with you one of the main challenges that I experienced during that process – and most importantly, what I did to overcome it.

The challenge was DOUBT, and it sneakily found multiple ways of expressing itself during my business transformation. It showed up as doubt in the business model. Doubt in my own capacity. Doubt in my choice of target audience.

I could go on, but you get the gist. I had doubts. 😀

So what do you do when you KNOW that you want to transform, but you still feel doubt? The short answer is: ignore it and do it anyway! But of course, there’s more. 😉

Here are three of my tips for kicking doubt in the butt, so that you can push through and reach your desired destination:

1. Know that doubt is a natural and given part of the process.

Doubt is natural – but it’s NOT a sign to give up.

Nothing is fool-proof – not even the best business model in the world. When we decide to transform ourselves or our businesses, we just can’t know the outcome. So, of course we’ll have doubts: it’s our brain’s way of trying to protect us from that uncertainty!

So, while our intuition is telling us to go for it, our brain is screaming “STAY IN THE SAFE ZONE!”. But knowing that the safe zone is no longer what you want, you can choose to simply notice that the doubt is there – and then politely ignore all that screaming.

 2. Make sure that transforming leads you to a deeper expression of your purpose.

The best way to overcome any doubt is to have a compelling vision of the future.  

We are all here for a reason. And I believe that we are meant to constantly move closer to our deeper life purpose. Transformation can be the vehicle that takes us on that journey – if we let it. For that, we need absolute clarity – not only on WHAT we want, but more importantly WHY we want it.

When we know WHY we want to transform, we increase our capacity to effectively ditch any doubts. We simply have so much to gain by moving ahead! That clear purpose tells us how we can be the best version of ourselves – whether it be as business owners, family members, friends or partners. When we have such a compelling vision of the future, doubts will shrink in comparison.

3. Don’t look all the way down the slope!

Taking it one step at a time, you WILL get there!

At any point during a transformation, you might find yourself doubting your own capacity. Your inspiring vision can be amazing – AND amazingly overwhelming. How on earth are you going to get there? Do you really have what it takes?

But overwhelm is normal: even if you know EXACTLY where you want to go, you will probably NOT know every step that you will need to take to get there. Or, you will know a bunch of them, and that sheer knowledge is enough to send you into a spin of doubts!

To overcome overwhelm, turn your journey into smaller chunks. It’s not about this coming 6 months. It’s about this week. It’s about today. It’s about here and now.

Transformation is the physical, emotional and mental expression of a million steps taken. Don’t let doubt come in the way of your next step. Because each step matters. You’ll get down the slope one turn at a time.

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