When world health is priority #1, most other aspects of life can seem small or irrelevant. Our biggest goals and dreams are put – not on hold perhaps, but on a different level of priority.

Still. Life does go on, even if the framework around it has changed for a while. Your dreams are still here, and they still matter. YOU matter.

And even if it’s not business as usual – it’s still business. You’re still building. And that’s OK. In fact, it’s more than OK. It’s amazing! Because it means that you’re creating your own path in the midst of chaos.

Whatever you can do today to keep building towards that long-term dream of yours, I’d encourage you to do it. Whatever you can celebrate today, I’d encourage that too. Your blessings are still blessings. They’re still worth celebrating, perhaps now more than ever. No need to feel guilty.

If you want, you can share your blessings here with us. The things you’re grateful for. The small wins during this big challenge. We all need some happy news. And your blessings make us happy too.

I’ll go first:

I’m grateful for my Dad recovering from his pneumonia, even though it’s slow.

I’m grateful for my own, slow recovery from the same darned illness.

I’m grateful for my son spending my sick days with his grandparents, being active, happy and healthy.

I’m grateful for my husband’s amazing support these past weeks.

I’m grateful for my online teaching site progressing.

I’m grateful for my first online coaching group of amazing of women entrepreneurs.

I’m grateful for your time and attention.

If you want, you go next. Thank you for raising our energy!

Sanna Koritz Outside Cafe

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