Something that many of the entrepreneurs that I work with share, is the struggle to explain their offer in a short and compelling way.

The starting point of that conversation is often a desire to “sell with more ease” – but the topic will usually turn into a deeper exploration around purpose and wanting to make a change in the world.

I love that conversation. And I love the process of creating a bridge between that vision – and the service and benefits that a client has to offer. Because here’s the thing:

Your audience is probably not at the very forefront of your vision. They are struggling with more basic things than that. Centering your pitch around those struggles makes all the difference.

Contributing to a more gender equal world (my vision), and supporting women with business strategy, work balance and mindset tools (my offer) go hand in hand. But they are not the same.

And even though my audience subscribes to my vision, it is usually not the thing that tips them over from reader/follower to client.

That tipping point has to do with other things. Like finding ways to secure a regular, solid income. Finally turning an idea into a new offer. Overcoming self-sabotage and other obstacles to growth.

So sure, I can talk about my vision, and I sometimes do. It’s a great way to let people know what drives me.

But when it comes to pitching, I want to make things clear, relatable, and relevant for my audience. I want them to quickly know the answer to the question:

“Is this for me?”

Your pitch needs to do the same. For that to happen, it helps to know what is what. And then talk about that thing that your audience needs right here, right now.

With love,

Sanna xo

PS. One thing that you can do is try out your pitch with friends or colleagues. Get their feedback. Notice your own reaction whilst pitching. If something is unclear, off, or missing, then I can almost guarantee that you have some more work to do. Please don’t be discouraged by that. It just means that there’s a great opportunity for you to learn, grow and do better. Business, like life, is a journey. I’m rooting for you, always.

Sanna Koritz Outside Cafe

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