2019 has been an awesome year – and I hope that you agree!

I always like to set the intention for the year. And I do that by summarizing into ONE word what I want that year to be about. This puts me in the right mindset and helps me make aligned decisions.

My theme for 2019 has been EXPANSION. And the way that I have wanted to manifest that intention, has been through:

  • Moving my business online to reach and help more entrepreneurs.
  • Creating consistent and helpful content to build connection and widen my reach.
  • Launching new programs to continue to help my clients build thriving businesses.

With only two working weeks left before the holidays, I’m happy and proud to say that I’ve managed to do just that!

But, having a clear intention is only part of the puzzle – three additional factors have been crucial in getting me there:

1. I’ve been willing to learn a LOT. Moving online has involved many new things for me. Things that I didn’t particularly like or know how to do. Things that I’ve feared doing. But to expand my business, I knew that I needed to expand my knowledge. With that in mind, I decided to face those fears and climb that steep learning curve, one step at a time.

2. I’ve asked for help. Without some key individuals, I wouldn’t have come half the journey. Because getting help is not just about solving problems – it frees up your time and keeps your creative energy intact! For these wonderful individuals, I’m forever grateful:

@mikaela_dyhlen – for being my accountability partner and someone to bounce and develop ideas with;
@beatrice_lugano – for helping me create my brand, website, online strategy – and customer purchasing process;
@seeds.of.freedom for inspiring me, sharing knowledge and experiences – and creating my beautiful Canva designs;
@peggyrejames for helping with a bunch of things big and small – like setting up the entire backend process to make it easy for my clients to join my business growth programs!

3. I’ve pushed through. Sometimes, I’ve been overcome by fears. Sometimes, I’ve been discouraged by the time it takes to see results. But I’ve pushed through and done it anyway. Because EXPANSION is not about here and now – it’s about realizing my long-term vision. Keeping that vision top of mind helps me boost my motivation AND shrink any fears. And so, pushing through becomes entirely possible.

To grow big, you need to dare to be small. Because inherent in the decision to grow is the acceptance of the learning experience. As we make the leap from solid, safe ground to unknown, and sometimes shaky territory, we put ourselves in a position of vulnerability. It’s not always pleasant, but it’s necessary. And once the leap is made, the sense of safety settles in and the growing pains subside.

As the new year approaches, my intention is already clear: join me in making 2020 a THRIVING year for you and your business!

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, sign up to my business expansion program Time to Thrive. I’ll be having my very first round early spring 2020! Apply here!

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