Dear fellow entrepreneur,

Did you know that value disconnect is one of the main driving forces behind workplace burnout?

Having experienced that disconnect in more than one places of work myself, I can understand why that is.

Working without meaning is energy depleting; feeling like you don’t fully belong in certain a culture is too.

I’m pretty sure that one of the reasons why you started your business was to create your own universe, a universe that is based on and guided by your own values. Did I guess right?

But being the boss of your own game doesn’t automatically create alignment – just like larger corporations, you have to work on it.

So, how do we as business owners keep on living our own core values? How do we make sure that we support our clients and feel motivated and fulfilled at the same time?

It all starts with clarity. Which may just require a simple reminder – or a deeper dive into what drives you and your business, all depending on where you are at.

One way to think about your values it is from a point of purpose: what is the ultimate raison d’être for your company?

Another way is to be clear on the change that you want to make. How would you like to impact this world? What is the before and after of your clients?

But living your values doesn’t stop there. Because it is one thing to express a value system on a piece of paper, it’s another one to live it.

Those beautiful value words require some dissecting. Describing them – in detail and through example – how they practically impact the way that you do business.

If transparency is one of your core values: what does that mean? How do you stay transparent with your colleagues and your clients? And how do you make sure that everyone is and stays on board with that specific value?

An aligned organization is a powerful thing. Instead of fragmented pieces that live separate lives, all parts work together to create that change. Both your wellbeing and your bottom line will love it.

What about your company values? Do you know them? Do you remember them? Do you live them? Is there a disconnect? If so, how can you start putting the pieces together?

With love,

Sanna xo

Sanna Koritz Outside Cafe

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