Making a decision is liberating. Would you agree?

But even so, the road towards it can be fraught with anxiety and overwhelm.

You can’t know the outcome. You can’t know the consequences.

And in uncertain times when a lot is at stake, the fear of the unknown can put you in a state of paralysis.

The biggest obstacles to sound decision-making are

  • A lack of clarity and
  • A feeling of panic or desperation

If you’re feeling panic struck and if your long-term vision is temporarily blurred, then trying to take a step back can help you get back into decision-mode.

I’ve put together some questions to help you do just that. I hope that they will help you regain your balance.

1. Are your long-term goals still valid?

Do they still motivate you? Are you doing the work that you should be doing in this world? Depending on where you are, this might be just the right time to either refocus or reinforce.

2. Do you need to change your tactic for how you will reach your goals?

Will you need to adjust your time-plan? Invest in additional support or solutions? Your current path may just take longer than what you expected – but if it’s no longer working for you, then don’t be afraid to create a new one.

3. What’s the most important project you should be working on right now?

Staying open to growth is important, as is being prepared for happier times. Thinking ahead, what would you love to show us a few months down the line? What can you today do to move it forward?

4. How can you continue to show up every day and show that you care?

This is a time for you to show your inner core. To show that you truly care. What new concerns do your clients have in these times? How can you support them with those issues? What can you do that you haven’t tried before?

5. What is the most important marketing that you can be doing right now?

You still have to be out there. And there’s nothing wrong with that. You might want to adjust the perspective or the tone of your messages. You might want to adapt your content. Think about what makes sense to you. Experiment and follow the reactions.

6. How can you minimize your exposure to risk?

Are there costs that you can cut? Deals that you can renegotiate? Projects that can wait for a while? Whatever decision you make, ask yourself if they will work for today AND for tomorrow?

To make your decisions work for you, they will probably need to combine immediate flexibility with a long-term perspective. As short-term gains may cost you dearly in the future, you need to think about where the balance is.

PS. You’re not alone in this. I’m here, right next to you, just a message away. If you want a free-of-charge clarity call with me to discuss your current challenges and have greater peace of mind, click here to schedule a time. I’ll be happy to hear from you.

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