Does the thought of editing out parts of your marketing copy fill you with anxiety? Do you feel like everything around your offer is equally important and needs to be said?

These are challenges that are shared by many of my clients – and I completely understand why:

When you are a purpose driven entrepreneur, your work makes a real difference – so it’s only natural to want to share as much of that goodness as possible with as many as possible.

But here’s the problem: when you try to share everything with everyone, the bits that your clients really need to hear will drown in that mass of information.

In 2018, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez became famous for her successful campaign for a seat in the US Congress – which she landed against all odds. The secret to her success?

1. Knowing the pain points of her constituency.

2. Crafting 3 clear messages around those exact pain points.

3. Communicating those messages (frequently through social media) using both facts and a whole lot of heart.

This made it easy for folks to understand, relate to, and remember what she stood for – a stark contrast to the frequent random mumbling of her fellow politicians worldwide.

You can use that same strategy for your own communication – whether it be something for Instagram, a blog post, your elevator pitch, a newsletter, a presentation, or your webcopy.

You don’t need to tell your entire story, share all the details on how you do what you do, or present a massive list of the benefits that someone will experience when working with you.

⁠In fact, I would argue that you shouldn’t. All you need to do is answer these questions:

– Who are you directing yourself to?

– What do they need help with – and what would that help do for them?

– With that in mind, what are the 3 most important things that they need to hear from you?

By lifting those important points and leaving out the rest, you are helping your audience see if you are the right person for them or not. Which is a service in and of itself.

You do that, not by sharing everything about everything with everyone – but by being selective and remembering that, when it comes to communication, less really is more.

PS. Don’t fall into the trap of talking about what you love about your offer. This is not about you. It’s about your clients.

PPS. If your copy tends to turn out lengthy, set a word limit beforehand. We can often edit out much more than we think without losing context or quality.


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