A mistake that I have made in my business more than once, is to get so excited about an idea that I have started to work on it immediately.

Sure, some opportunities will require you to take quick action. But not all of them.

And with a bunch of ideas left half-realized and lots of work done in vain, I have learnt the value of checking for viability first and take action later!

I still tend to get super excited whenever I get a new idea, but these days, I wait a little. I let that idea sit with me for a while. And then, I ask myself these 3 questions:

1. Is the idea aligned?
I want to run a tight ship where everything I do is aligned with my purpose and goals. That’s just how I like to run a business. Plus, time is a scarce resource, and I can’t afford to go off on a random tangent.

2. What would it do?
I think about what that idea could potentially bring me in terms of money, branding, subscribers… – and what it could do for my audience and clients: how and how much would they benefit?

3. Can I do it?
The moment of truth: I look at the resources needed to turn that idea into reality. Would the work be one-off or ongoing? Would it fit into my schedule? If not, where would I have to press pause to make room for it? Would it make sense to do so?

It’s better to have one great idea completed instead of ten so-so half-done. So, give your best ideas the love and attention that they deserve. And say hasta la vista to the rest.

With love,

Sanna xo

PS. If you find it difficult to have an outside perspective, you can reach out to someone and ask for their help. It can be a person who knows about business. Or someone who has knowledge of your field of work. Whoever you choose, make sure that they are courageous in sharing their honest feedback, and empathetic in their way of communicating it.

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