I’m sure that you love what you do – and I’m guessing that you have big plans for your business!

And if you’re anything like me, you sometimes find yourself awake at night, wondering how to get everything done to realize those plans! 😉

When the list of things to do – no matter how exciting – grows into the size of a mountain, then so can anxiety. To build the business of your dreams, you need to stay clear of this overwhelm.

The trick is knowing which action to take! And to know that, you need to be clear about what you want and have the focus to see it through.

Here are 6 effective steps that’ll help you reach your goals and sleep at night:

1 ) Choose your 12-month focus
What’s your big vision really about? Growing in size – or making more with what you have? Widening your target audience – or getting known as the specialist in your niche? Pick a main theme that best represents what you want to achieve for your business within the next 12 months.

2 ) Know what motives you
Think about why this particular vision is important to you. Write down what’s motivating you. This will help you keep up the energy and make aligned decisions during the coming months.

3 ) Translate your vision into measurable goals
You want to know if you’re on the right track or not – putting a figure next to your goal will help you do that. If your vision is to grow in size, what would that look like? By how much would you like to grow – and what does that mean in terms of new customers and levels of revenue?

4 ) Specify how and when you want to reach your goals
Set a specific date for each goal. Think about important milestones on the way. What will you need to do to reach your goals – and by when? If you find this difficult, brainstorm all the actions that you will need to take, and then plot them into your plan by counting backwards!

5 ) Check for potential conflicts
If you for example want to grow your business and cut costs at the same time, there’s probably an incongruency here. Why? Because growth often requires investments! Having conflicting goals is like trying to travel in two directions at once – it simply isn’t possible! Ask yourself what’s crucial in order to achieve your vision. Eliminate any inconsistencies by making choices in line with your priorities.

6 ) Set yourself up for success
Make sure that you think and act in alignment with your big vision. If you want growth but act from a fear of visibility, then you’re in trouble. To grow, you need to be seen. You can plan all you want – but if that plan isn’t executed, then you’re wasting your time.
Think about what’s holding you back and why – and find ways to overcome any obstacles in your way!

I know that clarity eats hard work for breakfast! It’s not about doing lots, it’s about doing what matters. By being clear on what’s important to you – and by making consistent choices – you’ll be able to realize your big vision and build the business of your dreams!

Wishing you health, wealth and business happiness!

Sanna Koritz Outside Cafe

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