You know that feeling when you realize that you have made a mistake?

You cringe, as heat waves of embarrassment flush over your body…

This is exactly how it was for me when I realized that I had been teaching a horrible message of productivity throughout the years!

My early professional training was as a management consultant, and ever since that time, my job has been to help others deliver results.

Part of that rolve involves teaching people how to get more productive.

Unfortunately, in those early days, I had zero knowledge of how our bodies function with respect to energy.

So, I shared the message of a study that said that you lose 15 minutes of effective work with every break that you take, as your brain needs that time to refocus. The bottom line: take fewer breaks!

Having spent the past 3 years learning about how our bodies function under stress, I no longer stand behind that message – at all!

Because even if it might take time for the brain to pick up that pre-break thread, you’ll still end up so much more productive, so much more creative, and so much healthier when you let your brain rest!

The positive effects that frequent breaks have on our health simply cannot be overstated. I had to learn that the hard way, by sinking deep into burnout and then learn how to slowly climb out of it.

This spring, I will be launching a new course that will help you prevent or come back from burnout.

In it, you’ll learn:

– What happens in our bodies during exhaustion

– Why self-management is key for business owners

– Tools and habits that promote a balanced lifestyle

– Mindset shifts and practices that support your long-term health, and

– How to set your focus, build results and get more done with less.

This is all about sustainable success, which is a concept that is so much fuller than the one-dimensional productivity measure.

If you’re interested, you can sign up on the waiting list here. (No purchase required, no strings attached).

Wishing you lots of business health and happiness.

With love,

Sanna xo

PS. Productivity is great, but even greater is focusing on the things that matter. If you spend your days overworked, overwhelmed and cross-eyed, then it’s time for a change! A little tip: get clear on your goals – then start eliminating everything that isn’t moving you in the right direction. You’ll have more time to spare, and a greater chance to make an impact.


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