This is the fourth and final part of my mini-series on tech fear.

Today’s topic is how you can turn your tech fear into tech JOY!

Tech fear is often rooted in the feeling of not knowing, not affording, or not having enough time. No wonder you feel resistance!

But you can shift those feelings of anxiety, resistance and self-doubt into emotions of curiosity, happy creativity, and trust. I’ll soon tell you how.

First though, a full disclosure:

I still feel the fear.

I have completed a bunch of tech projects. I have outsourced, learnt to do it myself and grown on the way. But when I realize that I need to integrate yet another piece of technology into my business, my initial reaction will still often be:

“Oh s***t, not again!”

It’s an old pattern of thoughts and emotions that I’m slowly learning to replace with a more constructive mindset.

Changing those emotions is important, because that negative energy will have a real negative effect on your actions and therefore also on your results.

I, for one, let tech fear hold me back from social media and from going digital for quite some time – two elements that are absolutely key for taking my business where I want it to be.

If you’re the same, then you might know what I’m talking about. Perhaps you too have tech related projects just waiting to happen while you’re stuck in that feeling of resistance and fear.

So how can you shift those emotions? Well, it’s all about reframing.

Here are 5 perspectives that will help you turn your tech fear into tech JOY:

Perspective #1 – Technology is here to help!

When you think about your big business goals, there’s a pretty big chance that technology will be an important tool to help you reach them. Whether it’s investing in new lighting, learning to master social media or building an online business, technology can improve the quality of your work, widen your reach and make you more money!

Perspective #2 – You can learn and grow step by step!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a tech beginner: even the most tech savvy had to start somewhere. You don’t have to know it all. And you don’t have to do everything at once. All you need is to be willing to learn and take one first step.

Perspective #3 – It doesn’t need to cost a fortune!

Your tech projects won’t need to break your bank account. There is a ton of free information out there; many excellent apps are for free; and tech companies will often offer great start-out packages. You can start out really small and grow with time.

Perspective #4 (my personal favorite) – This is a chance for you to get creative!

Many tech projects have the potential to really boost your creativity. Marketing, designing a new offer, onboarding, recording… these are all opportunities for you to come up with new ideas and new ways of showing up. And that is FUN! This is hands down the ONE thing that helps me get out of tech fear the most: I think about how fun it will be to create new things in new ways – and my energy starts to shift!

Perspective #5 – You don’t need to be perfect!

In fact, you shouldn’t be perfect. People don’t want perfection, they want relatability. In this world of fast transactions, connection is heavily underrated. By showing up just as you are and share your work with the world, you will become a much longed-for light – one that tech will help shine just a little brighter.

Finally, it’s not about pretending to Love Everything about tech – it’s about recognizing what it can do for you, daring to feel a little excited about that, and welcoming tech into your business where you need it the most.

With love,

Sanna xo

Sanna Koritz Outside Cafe

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