Is your offer getting you the Hurrahs, the Yeyys – and most of all – the sales that you were hoping for? Or is the response distinctly luke-warm?

If you want to know how to turn all of your awesomeness – your experience, your knowledge and your special super-powers – into an offer that your customers will LOVE, then read on! 😊

To save you some time though, I’ll start with the bottom line: it’s all about engaging with your target audience. If the main benefits of your offer are X – while the customer is actually looking for Y – then you can be the very best there is and still miss out on the success that you’re hoping for.

So, here are five steps to go from luke-warm to steaming hot!

First of all, you want to make all of your uniqueness crystal clear. Write down everything that enables you to create the desired change within your customers. This includes all of your experience, your skills, strengths, knowledge, your working methods and processes… If you find this difficult, get help from friends, family, previous customers or colleagues.

Then, move on to define the needs of your target audience. What dreams, desires, challenges and frustrations do they have? What are they longing for? What problems do they need your help in solving? To find this out, go talk to your target audience! Yes, it can be scary. But you don’t want to hide away in the dark, spending time on something that nobody will want to buy.

Thirdly, choose the impact that you want to make. Talking to your audience will help you see how your unique value meets the needs of those you want to serve. You might find a bunch of ways that you can create an impact. But try to limit yourself to an offer that feels incredibly powerful and urgent to your target audience. Ask yourself if your offer is a must-have – or just a nice-to-have? Will they miss out something important by not buying from you? Or is it just the same?

Then, decide on your big promise. Think about the value that you are creating for the customer. What is the journey that you’re taking them on? What is the transformation that you help them undergo? What is the amazing change that you are delivering? Try to circle the ONE big promise that you want to make to your customers – the one that makes all the difference to them.

Lastly, communicate your big promise in a big way! Having an irresistible offer is only half of the equation. The other half is being able to communicate it in a compelling way. To do this, you will need to go back into the minds of your potential customers. What are the most important messages – for them? How can you show them that you get them, and that you can help? Make sure to focus on the end-result that you deliver, your big promise. And use language to make it engaging and easy to understand.

You are 100% uncopiable. And you have so much to give. Finding, and then, effectively communicating the sweet spot between your value and your customers’ needs, is crucial for creating that spark that will transform into sales.

Sanna Koritz Outside Cafe

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