Authenticity has become a mainstream theme. Maybe it’s a side-effect of social media fueled pressure for perfection. Maybe we’ve simply come to a point where we realize that the only sustainable strategy – both in life and in business – is being our true selves. Because when we are, amazing things happen!

The definition of authenticity is: “Not false or copied; genuine; real, representing one’s true nature or beliefs; true to oneself”

Honesty, open-mindedness and integrity are key traits of an authentic person. These characteristics can be translated into actions such as:

Speaking the truth, honoring agreements, being kind, learning from mistakes, listening to others and making value-based decisions.

Here’s how being authentic will directly impact your bottom line:

1 ) You’ll attract more customers
Being authentic means no longer pretending, no longer boosting your image. Instead, you’ll simply tell it like it is, because you know that you’re enough.
Desperation pushes customers away; confidence draws them closer. When you trust yourself, others will too. Being the real you will make it easy to attract more, brilliant customers!

2 ) You’ll build stronger relationships
When you’re authentic, you’re genuinely interested in your customers. You’ll know that it’s not just about the sell – it’s about creating value for someone else.
To do that, you need to get to know your customers and always be ready to adapt to meet their needs. Instead of trying to make yourself look good, you’ll create connection by helping others.

3 ) You’ll grow your business
Authenticity means being open to new insights and willing to learn from your mistakes. Instead of engaging in endless self-blame, you’ll find ways of turning sour experiences into sweet opportunities.
When you stop criticizing yourself, you no longer feel the need to criticize others. Instead of pointing at the weaknesses of your competition, you can look to them for inspiration. Instead of judging a demanding customer, you’ll do your best to understand and do better.

It takes courage to be true to who you really are. But authenticity is a vital key to achieve a steadily growing business – and a happier self!

Want to know how to create sustainable success by being you? I help you translate your purpose into an effective strategy for growth. Contact me to find out more!

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