I believe that it’s time to change the definition of success!

I grew up hearing what I should do with my life. In 9th grade, our school councilor told us to we all should study economics as there was a shortage of economists.

My parents told me I should work with marketing since (they believed) it would fit my personality. No one ever asked me what I wanted – so I never thought to ask myself that question either.

But flow comes when we do what we love – that’s when we’re the most productive; that’s when we create our best results!

Real success is about waking up each morning feeling motivated and happy because we’re doing something that we care deeply about! Integrating your purpose into your business model will not just make you feel better – it’ll positively affect your bottom line!

So how do you build purpose into your business?

Here are 4 steps to get you going:

Get clear! If you don’t know your business purpose, then it’s time to start defining it. Find the sweet spot where passion – a deep sense of meaning – and business potential intersect!

Translate! How would you like to manifest your purpose? Think about it in terms of business goals that you want to aim for. Make them crystal clear and easy to follow up!

Check alignment! How well does your current business match what you really want? Does everything – from concept and target group to business model and strategy – create excitement within you? If not – what changes do you want to make, and how?

Take action! Create a time and action plan to realize your purpose-based business. Challenge yourself but be realistic. Make sure you have what you need to follow through, like money, time or an accountability partner.


An important note before you begin: not every passion is meant to become a business – and not every business model is right for your passion. You need to choose wisely.

And depending on where you are in your business, you’ll need to do different work. For some of you, tweaking your business model slightly will be enough – for others, a full business re-design might be what you’re looking for.

Hard work? Absolutely! Worth it? Definitely! Because there’s no point and no need to compromise – business can and should be both fun and financially rewarding!

Here’s to having it all!

Do you feel that your vision is bigger than your business? Have you reached a plateau and need to find that spark again?

Is your current business not bringing you the results that you want? Are you ready to create sustainable success?

Contact me to find out how I can help you create a thriving, purpose-lead business!

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