This morning, I walked my son to school for his first day back after the long summer break. And for the very first time, he seemed relaxed and even told me that he was looking forward to it – a huge sense of relief for me as a parent!

But not everyone shares his excitement to be back. As an entrepreneur, you probably (hopefully!) LOVE your job – but you might still experience some post vacation blues.

That big project that you were hoping to complete before the summer break may still need a few tweaks before it’s ready to launch. And just thinking about creating masses of innovative, unique, and creative marketing content may leave you feeling… well, everything but innovative, unique, and creative! 😀

My own post-vacation blues has everything to do with some key pieces of my business puzzle that I need to get up and running – like a digital platform and parts of my marketing. If there were a magic wand that could help me get it done in no time and with zero hassle, I would buy it in an instant! 😉

For me, prepping myself mentally is a huge part of my self-management routine. I need to have some hacks for staying happy and motivated, even on days when I wish that I were back on the beach!

Here are my 3 tips for stepping out of the blues and into a happy, creative space:

1. Come back to your big business purpose

I know, I talk about purpose a LOT. But there’s a reason for it. If you’re feeling unmotivated, there’s no better energizer than reminding yourself of WHY you started your business. The ways in which you support your clients. The transformation that you help them achieve. Write it down on a piece of paper and post it where you can see it while you’re working.

2. Choose one big project that you want to complete during the fall

Crafting a new offer, hosting an event, trying out a new piece of marketing, starting your own podcast – these are all what I call big projects, stuff that will help your business grow. Choose a project that will excite both you and your clients. Then, briefly sketch out a plan with the most important milestones.

3. Choose one action that you will complete today

Progress creates progress. Once you get that ball rolling, the forward motion tends to reinforce itself. To go easy on yourself during your post-vacation blues, choose the path of least resistance, and decide on one single task that you want to complete today. Preferably, make it something that will help you get started on your big project. End the day by setting your intention for tomorrow.

Wishing you a brilliant start of your fall, with loads of sunny, happy and productive moments!

Lots of love,

Sanna xo

PS. If you’re still feeling blue, here’s a bonus tip for you: embrace it! Put on some soft summer tunes and dive deep into your favorite vacay moment. When you start to feel restless or even bored, it’s time to transition into the here and now. Start by writing down 5 to 10 things that you love about your business – and then get into the rest of your day!

Sanna Koritz Outside Cafe

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