How raising your prices will get you MORE clients!

Pricing is an important part of your strategy. We all know it. Still, when it comes to pricing, many business owners stumble and fall right into the trap of setting their prices too low. Don’t get me wrong. If your business model is ‘low price – high volume’, then that’s perfect. But if you’re setting your prices low for another reason, then chances are you’re doing more damage to your business than you might think. Here are some very common reasons for going low: You’re just starting out. No one knows about you. So, to get [...]

How raising your prices will get you MORE clients!2019-10-07T11:44:35+02:00

Actions vs goals – what is what and why does it matter?

A bunch of years ago, I was working as Head of Evaluation for an enormous development fund. The fund had a portfolio of 200 million Euros, and over the course of four years, it launched and invested in more than 600 projects. It was my responsibility to monitor those projects to make sure that they generated the results that they were supposed to. Just like with most initiatives, the outcome was a mixed bag: during those four years, we saw both super successes and duds. But being in regular contact with all those amazing project managers, [...]

Actions vs goals – what is what and why does it matter?2019-09-23T14:58:47+02:00

4 important steps to business growth

Has your business reached a plateau? Are you finding it hard to both run AND grow your business? You’re not alone. Lack of time is considered one of the biggest obstacles to business growth among entrepreneurs, with demanding day to day business operations leaving little or no room for business development. To move your business to the next level, you need to step out of your to-do-list and spend some time strategizing! Here are four important steps to get your business growing: 1. Make the decision Without a clear commitment, chances are you’ll stay where you [...]

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Taking on transformation – 3 tips for ditching doubt and getting to your desired destination!

I want to talk to you about transformation. Why? Because transformation is an essential ingredient to a fulfilled life. Whether it’s about your business or a part of your personal life, transforming means recognizing that we’ve grown, developed and that we need to BE and DO something different than before. Our old ways simply don’t fit us anymore. We need to stretch ourselves again, look ahead and reach further. But going through a transformation isn’t always easy. Because it challenges us on a fundamental level. It requires us to let go of what once was AND [...]

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The amazing powers of decision-making!

A dear friend of mine had been wanting to work as a full-time artist for more than 20 years. Up until recently, he chose the safe path, securing his monthly income by working as a freelance graphic designer. Nothing wrong with that – except that his dream of making a living as an artist remained a dream. And since he really wanted to do something else, he also didn’t feel happy with his designer career. For a long time, my friend kept on dreaming and dabbling with his art on a hobby level. The result: no [...]

The amazing powers of decision-making!2019-06-16T23:56:39+02:00