One of the worst experiences as a business owner is realizing that your work isn’t paying off in that big way, even though you feel that you’ve been doing your best. Ever been there? I have, and it sucks!

If that’s what you’re seeing, then doing more of what you’ve already have been doing will probably not work. Instead, you’re gonna have to do…

• Do things differently
• Do things that you’ve never done before
• Stop doing things that aren’t helping

Which can make you feel, like…


Am I right??

Change is a mother. It takes hard work and stepping out of the old and familiar. It takes energy and learning new things. And it takes courage.

But the thing is: the only way to level up your business is to level up yourself! So, if you’re tired of those lukewarm results, here are 5 areas where making a positive personal shift will help your business thrive!

1) Your money mindset
What you think about money affects how you set and talk about your prices. If your view is that money is bad, then it’s time for a shift! Write down what’s great about money and the impact you’ll make when you’ll have more of it.

2) Your sense of worth
Do you feel that “everybody” knows what you do, that you’re just like everyone else, or that you have zero expertise? That kind of thinking will have a hugely negative impact on how you market yourself. Shift by zoning in on everything that makes you unique!

3) Your ability to make decisions
Growing your business means letting go of the stuff that’s not working for you. Any kind of marketing, prices, partnerships or offers that you’re holding on to even though you know they’re no good – let go and open up for new opportunities!

4) Your ability to choose
Choosing one thing means not choosing something else. Which can be hard. Which is exactly why many business owners try to be “everything” for “everyone”. But saying No to everyone but your ideal client is great business sense. Start practicing and see what happens!

5) Your level of self-discipline
We procrastinate because it feels good in the moment. But for your business to grow tomorrow, you need to do the work today. Get my free training to learn how to end self-sabotage and start practicing new, helpful habits in your life and business!

PS. If you want to grow your business but feel overwhelmed or don’t know how to, you can check out my business growth program Time to Thrive! To find out if Time to Thrive is right for you, book a free clarity call with me here!

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