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I’m sure that nobody knows your business as well as you do. But I also know how difficult it can be to manage the responsibilities of being a business owner and make time for business strategy. You might know that you want something different for your business. But to know exactly what that is and how you can make it happen, you need both time and the ability to look at your business from the outside. If this is something that you struggle with, then I can help.


The Business Boost is for business owners who want individual support to make a positive change in their business. During 5 sessions, you get my help in identifying what’s causing your challenges; set new goals for your business; and find a sustainable way forward to implement your desired change.



As your Business Coach, I’m fully committed to helping you get the results that you want in a way that fits your specific needs and circumstances. What you will get from me is someone who:

  • Asks just the right questions that help you see your business from a different perspective
  • Is able to quickly spot and communicate any unclarities, incongruencies or risks in your business
  • Gives you concrete tools and practical support for taking your business to the next level
  • Motivates and supports you throughout your business transformation journey

Business development and entrepreneurship are my areas of expertise. It’s my joy and privilege to share my knowledge and tools with other women entrepreneurs to help them achieve the business that they have been dreaming of.




I help my clients go from feeling stress, overwhelm and anxiety – to being clear, motivated and in control. One client called me her “business therapist” – I love that, because the coaching that I provide gives you both the practical business skills and the emotional and motivational support to make that positive change! Read what some of my clients have to say about me below. 





The Business Boost is an individual coaching program, designed to help you create a positive change in your business. The cost of the program is 1495 Euros (excl. VAT).

Included in the program is:

  • 5 individual coaching sessions

  • Each session lasts 45 minutes

  • Preparatory questions to be answered and sent to me before each session
  • If applicable, you will get session recordings sent to you



Business Strategy Coaching

Sometimes we want our business to go in a different direction. You might have outgrown your current business model and want to modify or revamp it completely. Or you might just want to tweak parts of it to make your business fit with where you’re currently at.

I help you define what you really want for your business and identify the steps that you need to take to make it happen. Topics that I can support you with within the Business strategy coaching are:

  • Finding your ideal client

  • Setting clear and motivating goals

  • Creating a targeted action plan

  • Building an offer that your customer will love

  • Setting the right price



Sales and Communication Coaching

Selling is something that can make many business owners feel uncomfortable and intimidated. It’s common to feel like you’re not cut out for the job, or that selling means being pushy or even unethical. But there’s a different way to sell, and a different way to communicate with your customers.

Ethical selling is not about forcing someone to buy from you – it’s about getting to know each other and finding out if there’s a good fit. To do that, you need to have an understanding of your clients’ needs – and be able to clearly communicate how you can help them.

My Sales and Communication Coaching helps you:

  • Identify “the sweet spot” where your offer meets the needs of the client

  • Define the key points that you want to get across in your sales and communication

  • Make it easy to understand the benefits of what you’re offering

  • Find your own communication style and ways to engage and inspire the customer


I can also support you with more practical aspects of selling, such as:

  • Setting realistic sales goals

  • Creating a sales schedule

  • Building and keeping track of your sales list

  • Mastering the sales meeting

  • How to meet objections

  • Asking for and closing the sale




Action and Productivity Coaching

Getting things done means staying productive and effective – but also managing any feelings of stress and overwhelm. As a business owner, you might have several different roles in your company. It’s very likely that time is a scarce resource for you, and I’m guessing that your energy is too.

Making the best use of your time and energy means two things:

  1. That you do the things that really matter
  2. That you work as efficiently as possible

This is about knowing what your goals are and making sure that whatever you do helps you reach those goals. It’s also about staying healthy and productive by having effective systems, tools, routines and habits.

If you feel that you’re spending too much time for too little output, then I can help.

Here’s how I can support you through my Action and Productivity coaching:

  • Checking your current actions to see if they’re aligned with your goals and if you’ll need to make any changes

  • Create a 1-year plan with monthly and/or weekly goals, tasks and responsibilities

  • Set up a system for tracking your progress and evaluate your results

  • Check your current work habits and see what’s working and what’s draining you

  • Define new work habits and set up systems and tools that help you stay healthy and productive

  • Create a support system for helping you stick to your new routines




We meet in a free-of-charge 30-minute clarity call where we discuss your current challenges and future goals. This will help me learn about your needs and see how I can support you in the best possible way.

You can book your clarity call with me by clicking here.

Once that call is completed, I’ll send you an offer via e-mail. If you decide to hire me as your Business Coach, you’ll receive a welcome e-mail with a link to book your first session.



The fundamental idea of coaching is that you yourself have the answers to your questions. My role as your Business Coach, is to help you find those answers by asking powerful questions and add new perspectives to your current situation. The way that I usually work is by acting as your combined Coach/Consultant. This means that I’m also happy to offer you my concrete advice on a certain issue, if you want me to do so.




Are you ready to discuss your needs or want to find out more about my business coaching? Schedule a clarity call with me by clicking below.

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I reached out to Sanna after my business reached a plateau. Our virtual meetings helped me understand my daily activities and analyse my strengths and weaknesses. Sanna’s encouragement helped me focus on the steps which needed to be taken. I gained an invaluable perspective on my work; she also helped me shape the plan of action by talking me through some of my fears and dissecting problems into manageable chunks. But the most valuable aspect was the ability to talk to her about my business and my plans, as she was always genuinely interested in me and my problems. Focus, perspective and strategy –  that’s in short what I have gained. I am looking forward to our next sessions in the future.

Bozena Burda, Polkadot Global Ltd., London, the UK
For several years, Sanna Koritz gave the short course ’Start your own business – from a great idea to a safe launch’ at Folkuniversitetet. Throughout, she was given excellent reviews from participants – both for her knowledge, her responsiveness and her engagement. Sanna’s work is a reflection of her genuine interest for people and business development combined. She adds warmth, professionalism and a personal touch to everything that she does. 
Ulrika Engerstam, Head of Professional Courses, Research & Organizational Development, Folkuniversitetet Stockholm
Sanna delivered an excellent training program within business development for GIZ Montenegro and for members of the Association for Business Women of Montenegro.
During a two-day workshop and through individual coaching sessions, Sanna helped each business woman strengthen her abilities within business development. The impact of the training was highly positive.
Sanna is professional with a positive attitude and a talent for training and consulting within business development. She’s a great person to work with!
AlmaAlma Henic Strahinja, GIZ Montenegro
Sanna is an inspiring trainer, who has the ability to transfer “hands-on” knowledge that participants can start using right away in their businesses. She uses real-life examples and lots of interaction to get participants involved and learning.
Sanna has a personal, direct and very clear style of communication and is not afraid to combine serious focus with a good portion of humor. She is very structured and makes it easy to follow along.
Our participants were very happy with Sanna’s workshop! It was a pleasure working with Sanna and I warmly recommend her as a trainer/workshop leader.
Vesna Bojanovic, CEEDVesna Bojanovic, CEED
Sanna is a very experienced business developer who has the ability to transfer her knowledge to others. Her clear input gave me brilliant ideas for new products that I’ve already started to implement.
Biljana Vukcevic
I really appreciated Sanna’s ability to transfer knowledge to course participants in a clear and hands-on way. Sanna gives concrete examples that make it interesting and useful! Everything was awesome!
Radojka Ražnatović, Frutiera D.o.o.

I hired Sanna to develop my company’s marketing strategy, that needed renovating. My goal: to reach my target market more effectively, and to get more clients.

I learned many new things about marketing and received very concrete support in creating a new marketing strategy, and one that quickly started generating results.

Sanna is very professional in her role as Coach. She’s straight-to-the-point, knowledgeable and unpretentious. I warmly recommend her coaching services to every business owner who wants to develop and grow!

Olgica Nikčevic, Šarm D.o.o.

I first met Sanna Koritz during a lecture when she was talking about corporate sales and strategies. I was immediately struck by how both knowledgeable and genuine she was. Genuine in the sense that everything she talked about was referring to real life examples she had encountered.

After that my partner and I got the chance to be coached by Sanna directly about the difficulties we were facing in our company. She could pin-point and scale down all our problems that just some simple solutions and new mindset could fix. That gave us both new energy and inspiration to carry on. She did all this with sincerity and professionalism.

GayzeStelios Vasilantonakis,