As you may know by now, I’m all about making business easy. One way to do so is to streamline your work.

Streamlining is about creating structure, setting up systems and organizing your days – and it comes in many shapes and sizes. Some examples include:

– Setting up your client onboarding process

– Batch working your content for social media

– Creating your ideal work week

– Automating parts of your work

– Setting up your sales funnel

– Having a clear folder structure for your projects

– Narrowing down your target audience and offer

– Choosing your content pillars and main marketing messages

By streamlining, you save time, reduce stress, and improve the quality of your work. And that’s great!

But, there is such a thing as trying too hard to find the perfect structure for your business!

When you end up over analyzing which solution will serve you the best, you’re doing the exact opposite of streamlining! I’ve been there myself, and I’ve seen a bunch of clients make that same mistake.

Here’s what you can do to make streamlining work for you:

🎯 Set the intention. Streamlining is not about finding the perfect solution, but a set-up that is helpful.

🔍 Identify the problem(s). Where do you get stuck? What do you spend too much time on? Where do you feel that your business is lacking in terms of quality and communication? Which habits are holding you back?

💡 Choose the most important problem that you want to solve. Instead of trying to fix everything, go for the problem that is causing you the most trouble in terms of client happiness, income, reach, productivity…

📝 Design a solution. What would that situation ideally look like instead – and what do you need to make that happen?

👉 For this step, I encourage you to work with a pencil and several large sheets of paper. Start designing the flow or system the way that you would like it to work. Brainstorm, come up with ideas and refine as you go along.

❣️ Make a decision – and try it out! You won’t know if your solution is the right one until you try it! Which is exactly why you need to get out of analyzing and into action. Try it out! See what works and what doesn’t. Then, make the necessary adjustments.

Remember: perfection is an illusion. Your business is a constant work in progress. Trial and error are the names of the game!

With love,

Sanna xo

PS. One of my most recent streamlining projects was to change up the way that I batch work. I’ve gone from spending 1-2 days per week on content creation to dedicating one full week to create two weeks of content. This creative focus helps me get more done with higher quality. A typical example of having tried, erred, and refocused. 😊

PPS. Making your business easy is the whole point of my business growth program, Time to Thrive. Instead of spreading yourself thin, you get my help in creating clarity and focus! For more information, check this page, sign up to my free webinar or book your free clarity call with me here.

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