There are so many different marketing tactics out there. How do we know which is the right one for us?

Marketing may seem like a no-brainer – but I actually believe that we need a good portion of courage when we decide on our marketing strategy.

Making that choice based on what you “must” or “should” do, or on what “everyone else” is doing can seem logical, even necessary – but if it’s not a good fit for you, then it won’t work.

The tactic that is right for you depends on what kind of business you have, but also on what you’re like as a person, the values you have and what you stand for.

For me, I’ve decided to stay away from pressure and only focus on value. This means that I will NOT:

– Use a tone that resembles screaming here on social or anywhere else.

– Tell people that my business growth program is superior to everyone else’s.

– Try to convince anyone that they will fail if they don’t hire me as a business coach or buy my courses.

– Faking “only one spot left” during a launch.

– Use overly tight deadlines to push sales.

– Pretend like I’m an expert at absolutely everything that has to do with business development.

Lots of other business owners do this, and many of them successfully. I’m not here to criticize, just to share that that there is another way to do marketing that suits me better.

If this post can serve as inspiration for you to ask yourself one important question, then it’ll have fulfilled its mission:

For you to still be you when you market – which tactic do you choose?

With love,

Sanna xo

Sanna Koritz Outside Cafe

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