Ever been here?

It’s time to write your newsletter or create motivating posts – but you have zero inspiration and literally no ideas! The escalating stress and frustration as time passes, while that empty document continues to stare you right in the face… You begin to feel your creativity crumbling by the minute.

It’s a horrible feeling, right?! I used to find myself in this exact situation a lot and I always felt incredibly frustrated by it.

Then, something happened. I started to manage my creativity. And I discovered that it helped me get unstuck, fast. What a relief!  

Writer’s block can hit even the most creative of individuals. So, if you ever end up there, I wanna help you get unstuck too!

One way of managing your creativity is to bring to the surface aaaall of the goodness that you have within you. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Go through the sources of inspiration below.
  • Let your mind work in the background during the weeks to come.
  • When ideas start coming to you, note them down.
  • When it’s content creation time again, you’ll have a bunch of great ideas ready to go!

Use these sources of inspiration to get your creative juices going again:

1) Your personal journey

Let’s say you’re a life coach. There are a million other life coaches out there, true. But no one has travelled your exact journey. No one shares your exact experiences.

Did you grow up on a farm? Live abroad? Go bankrupt? Compete in sports? Write about lessons learnt that can be helpful to your audience too.

2) Your knowledge

Your education, training and professional experience have turned you into an expert in your field.

What are the topics that you specialize in? What excites you about them? What made you choose your field of specialization? What’s the stuff you’d like to share with your clients?

3) The impact that you make

For some people, a job is just a job. I believe that what you do is bigger than that. There’s a transformation that happens with your clients once they work with you. The value that they get from you will change their lives for the better.

What is that change that you create for them? What is their before and after? How do they think, feel and act differently today then before they met you?

PS. Creativity is a superpower that needs nurturing. To make this work for you, write down your ideas immediately, as soon as they enter your mind. I’ve lost too many ideas by thinking I’d remember them later. I never did. ;D

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