A couple of weeks ago, I turned 50.

Someone told me that this is “the peak of your life” – I guess thereby implying that I have a short moment to enjoy it all before everything goes downhill. 😀

I don’t feel like that though. I feel like it’s getting better with each year. Not that everything is easy. But I never felt comfortable in my younger days. I was always insecure, often anxiety-filled, and constantly filled with self-criticism.

That has changed with age and experience. And it continues to change. I feel like the older I get, the closer I continue to move towards my true self.

Accepting – and daring to share with others – my good sides and my imperfections makes it easier to appreciate myself. And I’ll take self-love over wrinkle-free skin every day of the week! 😀

Anyway, as the big day was approaching, some reflections on Life inevitably came up. Here’s some of it – I’m wondering if you can relate?

Stuff I’m happy that I’ve let go of:

Perfectionism. Still working on it, but I’ve noticed how much happier I’ve become and how much more I get done when I let good enough be the standard.

An either-or mentality. I don’t have to shy away from stuff just because I can’t give it my all. I can still do it. And it’s still worthwhile.

Self-doubt. I finally know that I have it in me and that I’m enough.

Stuff I want to continue to do:

Practice self-care. Listening in to what I need right now. Taking care of myself so that I can continue to take care of others.

Share more of me – including the not-so-great stuff. I’ve realized that showing my imperfections, not my attempted perfection, will make it easier for people to connect with and appreciate me.

Be open to learning. Yes, I still detest being a beginner. But I actively choose to shift perspective and focus on the awesome fact that we can always, ALWAYS continue to grow.

Stuff I want to add:

Expand my interests. Like take up an old beloved form of training and challenge myself through a new, creative outlet.

Create an authentic space for collective learning. Forming new connections and growing together with other, like-minded women entrepreneurs. Stay tuned for more!

Trust more. Enough said. 😊

There’s obviously more to life than a few points in a blog post. But in the spirit of sharing, I wanted to let you know where I’m at – and also reach out to you with a question:

When you look back on your own journey – what are some of your most important lessons so far?

If you want, use that question for a moment of self-reflection – and feel free to share your insights with me, I would love to hear from you!

Sending you lots of courage, love and light, with the hope that you will continue to travel the path that is right for you.

/Sanna xo

PS. A happy picture from the big celebration: me and hubby in the beautiful Stockholm evening. <3

Sanna Koritz Outside Cafe

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