I want to talk to you about the beautiful point where creativity and systems meet!

Because, if you’re like most entrepreneurs, a lack of ideas is not one of your problems. 😃 My guess is rather that your challenge is the opposite, and that your sparkling creativity can overwhelm you at times, leaving you wondering which idea to go for and how to make something of it!

Can you relate?

If you have a bunch of awesome ideas gathering dust in a metaphorical drawer, then you know that it’s a huge cost in terms of opportunities missed, income passed up and dreams left unrealized!

I want to help you open that drawer, choose ONE great idea and turn it into an offer that your customers will love!

Having a system for making your ideas come to life makes that process easy – and fun! No more anxiety, overthinking or second-guessing – we’re talking focused action that you know will make a difference for you customers!

Helping my clients through this process is literally one of the most rewarding things that I know, because it’s about turning potential into profit while staying happily creative! Could you think of a better combo? I can’t! 😊

These are the 5 steps that I use when I develop my own offers, and when I help my clients build theirs:


Getting to know your customers’ pain points. You want to have absolute clarity on the struggles of your target audience, and what they need from you. We start with some fact-finding and use that information as your starting point.


Structuring your solution to their problems. This is one of the juicier parts of the process where we turn your thinking into tangible parts of that offer. We structure your input, dive into pricing, and decide how this offer fits with the rest of your portfolio.


Validating your assumptions! This is where you reconnect with your target audience to get their input on content, structure, and pricing! Are you on the right track? Do you need to change something up?


Finalizing with the customer experience in mind. Integrating that invaluable customer input, we continue to build on your offer. The aim: to work in the details that will make your offer stand out and turn your customers into raving fans!


Designing your onboarding strategy. Generating interest for your offer and creating a smooth journey for those who buy it is the core of this final step. How do you want to guide them through the purchasing process? What support will they get from you once they start using your product or service?

An idea can come to you in an instant. But turning it into something of value requires a little love, time, strategy, and tenacity. Want my support on the way? Book your free clarity call with me or check out my 1:1 coaching packages here.

With love,

Sanna xo

PS. Some people enjoy jumping between ideas, alternating their work. This can be a great way to stay creative and energized. But – and this is a big one – if you struggle with completing and launching, I suggest you do the opposite. Choose one single project. Work on that one until it’s ready. Launch. And then move on to the next one.

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