“So much to do, so little time!!” 😬⁠

I often feel like that, and I’m guessing that you do too. ❤️⁠

In fact, I don’t think I know anyone who feels like they have *too much* time on their hands, not even my retired parents!⁠

I hate stress, but I also dislike getting stuck or feeling that things take too long. ⁠

That’s why I’m a sucker for these productivity tools. They simply help remove stress and get things done quicker. Me likey! 🤩⁠

Here are 5 of my favorite productivity tools that I use almost every day:

1. I use Trello for pretty much everything in my life that needs organizing. Categorizing, creating lists, moving around, working in groups – everything is super duper easy! I use the free version. @trelloapp

2.Later is a great tool for scheduling posts on social. I batch work much of my marketing and want to create, post, and move on. Upload your content, add text and schedule. Super smooth with Later! I use the paid version. @latermedia

3. I have zero design skills and would struggle for hours if it weren’t for Canva. Beautiful designs for social, presentations and much more. I can’t get enough! I use the paid version for some extra branding features, but the free one works too. @canva

4. I use Clipchamp to edit course videos and, sometimes, videos for my newsletter. Very easy to use: just upload, cut, paste, add some music… Full transparency: the system has crashed on me a couple of times – but all in all I’m happy! I use the paid version for some extra features. @clipchamp

5. When I need to map out a bigger project, or get really creative, I tend to move away from digital and put pen to paper! A good old mindmap is golden for me: it gives me an overview, allows me to note down all ideas, and then take action with renewed energy! Very affordable: pen and paper (I prefer A3). Made by Me. 😉

What is your main struggle when it comes to getting things done?

With love,

Sanna xo

Sanna Koritz Outside Cafe

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