I used to feel a lot of resistance towards social media. I felt that there was so much information out there – a lot of it without real value – and that, by posting, I would just be adding to that massive flow.

The change came as I began to realize that it’s not about creating massive amounts for everyone, but to reach the people that I can make a difference for, with content that does just that.

I must be honest: I doubt that I would be on social media at all if I didn’t run a business. 🙈 Probably a faux pas to say, but it’s true. I simply prefer to hang out with my buddies in real time and in real life.😊

BUT: as an entrepreneur, I’ve come to enjoy it!

🌻 I enjoy the process of thinking about what my audience needs from me right now, and how I can give it to them in the best way possible.

🌻 I enjoy the creation and the communication.

🌻 And I enjoy getting to know other business owners whose existence I would never, ever have known about if it weren’t for social media!

One thing hasn’t changed for me though:

I’m still not a fan of posting just for the sake of posting: I want to create value – or I don’t want to do it at all.

If you’re the same, then moving into the world of your clients can help.

So, ask yourself what your audience is struggling with or dreaming of right now, and what they need from you to end that struggle and move towards that dream.

Think about the key message that you have for them today, and how you could you give it to them in a helpful, empathetic way.

Finally, before you post ANYTHING, you want to check that it’s supportive, helpful and creates a positive shift (emotional or mindset). To do that, ask yourself these 3 questions:

  1. What is the value that your audience will be getting from this piece?
  2. What will they be learning?
  3. How will it make them feel?

Social media can be pretty much anything that we want it to be – which of course is a double-edged sword. But you, my friend, have TONS of gifts to give this world. If you start posting to share those, the world will become a little brighter! 💜

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