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Are you a female coach, creative or social entrepreneur who wants to turn your purpose into profit?

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Why Business Coaching?

As a business owner, you have a million things to stay on top of – from product or service development to pricing and productivity, marketing and mindset, and more. Most entrepreneurs – myself included – need a little help along the way. 

As your Business Coach, I help you design your business so that you can make an impact for your clients while making a living for yourself. 

You can count on me to:

Business Strategy And Mindset Support

When you hire me, you get a combination of business strategy and mindset work – because I know that we need both to succeed. You can have the best plan in the world, but if you are not mentally and emotionally on-board, it will still be difficult to take strategic action. 

I have worked with personal and business development throughout my professional career. I left the corporate world and started my first business 17 years ago. Since then, I have co-founded and grown another six businesses, and as a Coach and Trainer I have helped hundreds of women entrepreneurs grow sustainable success. 

I have had the fortune of working with talented and passionate business owners with big hearts and equally big visions. Making that vision tangible, actionable and profitable is a big part of my work. I am a strategic, loyal, empathetic, straightforward, and highly sensitive person. My special super-power is the ability to boost the clarity, courage and confidence of my clients.

Business design with a heart

I work with purpose driven entrepreneurs because I believe that the world needs people like you. Business is about profit, true, but I believe that the greatest levels of success are accomplished when we inject purpose, empathy and authenticity in our work.

If this is you, then I can help!

How it Works

It’s easy! Select your preferred coaching program, schedule your first call and you’ll be on your way! 

To find out how I can help you and to get answers to any questions that you might have about the coaching, you can book your free clarity call here

Once you have joined, you will recieve and email with all the information that you need, including how to book, how to prepare for each session and where to connect with me in between. 

I will share with you my systems for

Many of my clients come to me knowing that “something” is off. There are usually symptoms related to overwhelm as well as time and money scarcity. A part of my job is to help you clarify your needs and goals, so that you get the most out of our time together. We will set the intention at the beginning of our co-operation as well as at the start of each coaching session.

Choose Your Coaching Intensive

4-week coaching intensive

You have an immediate challenge or opportunity that you want to act on, or a shorter project that you want to complete. You are looking for strategic input to help you make decisions and take action as effectively as possible. You might also want support in reducing stress and creating healthy habits.

*Price excluding VAT

3-month coaching intensive

You have a bigger project that you need support in completing, or a part of your business that needs transforming. You are looking for strategic input to help you design, plan and execute as effectively as possible. You might also be looking for support in managing your mindset and creating a healthy work-life balance.

*Price excluding VAT

6 month coaching intensive: Business without Burnout

You need immediate help to avoid or come back from burnout. You feel exhausted and suffer from related symptoms like brain fog, physical pains, insomnia and/or vertigo. You know that something needs to change, but you don’t know what or how. You want to learn the perspectives, tools and habits that will remedy your current state and help you build long-term sustainable patterns in and outside of work. You are ready to take control and create a business and life that are aligned with your core values.

*Price excluding VAT

12-month coaching intensive

You want to grow your business and your income and want support throughout that transformation. You are looking for strategic input that helps you design, plan and execute your projects, including creating new offers, revamping your marketing, simplifying your work-flow, and/or shifting your prices. You might also want to create and implement a self-care system that promotes long-term health.

*Price excluding VAT

Digital coaching and support

Our meetings take place over Zoom and I send you the link before each session. 
I use Whatsapp for your chat support in between coaching sessions.

By hiring me as your business coach, you agree to the following terms and conditions

Happy Clients


“I hired Sanna to develop my company’s marketing strategy, that needed renovating. My goal: to reach my target market more effectively, and to get more clients.

I learned many new things about marketing and received very concrete support in creating a new marketing strategy, and one that quickly started generating results.

Sanna is very professional in her role as Coach. She’s straight-to-the-point, knowledgeable and unpretentious. I warmly recommend her coaching services to every business owner who wants to develop and grow!”

-Olgica Nikčevic
Šarm D.o.o.

“Thank you again for today’s session, Sanna. I have to tell you that I always end up kind of skipping around the house after our sessions. You just give me so much clarity and you have a way of getting me excited about things that had become overwhelming and unnecessarily complicated. You just have a way of making people feel good. Thank you!”

-Janine Laag
Photographer, Lumeah Personal Brand Photography, Sweden

“I reached out to Sanna after my business reached a plateau. Our virtual meetings helped me understand my daily activities and analyse my strengths and weaknesses. Sanna’s encouragement helped me focus on the steps which needed to be taken. I gained an invaluable perspective on my work; she also helped me shape the plan of action by talking me through some of my fears and dissecting problems into manageable chunks. But the most valuable aspect was the ability to talk to her about my business and my plans, as she was always genuinely interested in me and my problems. Focus, perspective and strategy –  that’s in short what I have gained. I am looking forward to our next sessions in the future.”

-Bozena Burda
Polkadot Global Ltd., the UK